Frequently Asked Questions

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A holistic nutritionist undertakes a natural approach to health and takes into account the mind, body and spirit, when counseling a client. I want to ensure that you look good and feel good from the inside out.

A registered holistic nutritionist (RHN) is a professional trained by the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. A holistic nutritionist caters to each individual and creates a meal plan specific to his or her lifestyle and goals. As a result, he or she may effectively help you by taking a multi-faceted approach based on your food sensitivities, diet, needs, budget, etc.

Although a dietician has a reputable degree, generally he or she tends to follow the Canadian Food Guide to help you reach your goals. This is more of a one-diet, fits-all approach.

Nowadays, an overwhelming amount of information about nutrition is found on the internet. A registered holistic nutritionist will sort through the confusion and conflicting information, and present you with the ideal plan suitable just for you. Not everyone who offers advice online is registered.  Many contributors may offer advice from their personal experience, which does not necessarily mean that their approach is right for you. Working with a registered professional will help you debunk various myths, offer you years of expertise, the most current information, easy access to a number of valuable resources, recommendations and accountability.

This depends on your goal and how well you adhere to the counsel you receive.

Results cannot be guaranteed, but rest assured that anyone who follows my recommendations notices a positive change after the 1st week. Examples of feedback from my clients are: “I feel lighter; I have more energy, especially in the afternoon; my sugar cravings are subdued or more controlled and my clothes feel more comfortable.”

Digestion and other health ailments may take a little longer as these are more serious and complicated conditions.

Definitely! Although I am a Toronto nutritionist, we can arrange a phone session, a Skype call or Face Time. We can follow up via email as well.

Certainly. If you’re like me, you probably need to chat, get a feel for the person and talk things out to see if you’re comfortable with proceeding. This is where the free, no-obligation consultation comes in. We move on only when you feel comfortable.

Absolutely. I will construct your meal plan based on your budget, lifestyle, goals, sensitivities and taste preferences. I will help you make smarter and healthier choices when eating out or on-the-go. I can also provide simple recipes and ideas, if you do decide to cook.

Yes. Everything is in moderation. The more closely you adhere to the plan, the quicker you will reach the desired goal. Realistically speaking, not everyone is willing to give up all of their vices or life’s pleasures. We will definitely find a reasonable compromise and devise a plan accordingly.

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