Dermatitis Nutritionist and Dietitian

Dietitian and nutritionist for dermatitis works with clients to help manage the symptoms of the condition by assessing your current diet and providing various dietary interventions and a personalized meal plan. 

Dermatitis Nutritionist and Dietitian JM Nutrition

How Can a Dietitian and Nutritionist For Dermatitis Help

Our dermatitis nutritionist and dietitian can help in the following ways:

  • Assess your current diet with a focus on dermatitis.
  • Take a look at your intake anti-oxidants (Vitamins A, E, C, and omega-3 fatty acids).
  • Look for vitamin or mineral deficiency (confirmed with bloodwork).
  • Discuss the importance of hydration and assess your water intake.
  • Review of pro-inflammatory foods leading to altered skin health.
  • Discuss: What foods can make dermatitis worse? Are probiotics helpful?  Could this be a sign of gluten sensitivity or celiac disease?
  • Ensure you’re following an overall nutritionally-balanced diet.
  • Receive specific suggestions for how to improve diet quality.
  • Co-create a personalized meal plan with the expressed goal of addressing dermatitis.
  • Address co-existing conditions (e.g., digestive health, weight management, hormones, et al.).

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Dietitian Recommended Dermatitis Resources

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