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 Health and Nutrition Coach for Personalized Care & Support

If you’re looking for a health, wellness and nutrition coach in Canada, you have no doubt come to the right place. Our team of diverse, experienced nutrition coaches continue to get rave reviews for the personalized, comprehensive and supportive approach aimed at helping you reach your nutrition, health and fitness goals. Free consultation.

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What is nutrition coaching?


Nutrition coaching is typically ongoing support pertaining to nutrition conducted by a qualified professional such as a registered dietitian or nutritionist, whose aim is to help the client address a specific health concern or reach a certain goal.


What does a nutrition coach do?


A nutrition coach assesses your current diet, health history and lifestyle, outlines areas for improvement, creates a personalized nutrition plan and provides strategies and ongoing support as the client works towards their specific goal.

Who are our health and nutrition coaches?


JM Nutrition offers access to a variety of health, wellness and nutrition coaching from various nutritional practitioners, each of whom has his or her own areas of education, training, specialization and expertise to help you meet your specific needs.


On staff:

✓  Registered Dietitians

✓  Nutritionists

✓  Sports Nutrition Coaches

✓  Health Coach

✓  Fitness Coach

✓  Personal Trainer

Health and Nutrition Coaching Services That Meet All Your Needs & Goals

Weight Loss Coach

Fitness and Sports Nutrition Services

  • nutrition coach for team and individual sports
  • align nutrition plan with workout plan

Strength Training Nutrition Coaches

  • build muscle
  • improve body composition
  • lose fat

Nutrition Coaching for Endurance Athletes

  • nutrition coaching, meal plans and strategies for
    • long-distance runners
    • cyclists
    • marathoners and triathletes
    • swimmers

Nutrition Coach for Combat Sports

  • nutritional support for the given sport and goal
  • nutrition coaching to cut weight
  • meal plans to gain weight/muscle

Personal Trainer

  • align personal training with diet
  • nutrition coaching designed to help you meet your goals

Health Coach for Disordered Eating

  • health coach for emotional and stress eating
  • interventions for binge eating
  • health coaching to build a healthy relationship with food
  • and more

Personalized Meal Plans

  • made from foods you enjoy
  • aligned with your health concerns, needs and goals
  • geared towards your lifestyle, religious and cultural restrictions, and budget

Why Work With Our Health & Nutrition Coaches?

We bring years of valuable experience & expertise, and know what works.


Our health & nutrition coaches are registered & certified professionals.


Extensive & specialized training in nutrition, including sports nutrition.


Nutrition coaching sessions are personalized with you in mind.


We create customized, goal-oriented meal plans for all budgets.


You get the latest science-backed nutritional information.


Our practitioners supply practical tips, tools & resources to help you succeed.


We equip you with strategies to avoid mistakes & pitfalls.


Our team is widely known for top-notch client service & support.


Covered by many extended healthcare benefit plans.

Benefits of working with a seasoned health and nutrition coach

There are many reasons why people from all walks of life seek health and nutrition coaching from the JM Nutrition team.


Nutrition Education

One of the primary reasons why people seek nutrition coaching is education, which is spurred on by a strong desire to make healthy lifestyle changes, including the improvement of eating habits.

As a result, our coaches go above and beyond to ensure you develop a strong foundation to make positive changes to your diet, offering valuable information and answering all your questions.


Nutrition Coaching Sessions

Our team of coaches offer sessions that are:

  • personalized
  • thorough
  • supportive
  • insightful
  • practical
  • educational
  • informative
  • realistic
  • flexible
  • and much more


Healthy Eating & Healthy Lifestyle Tips

What’s more, our team of health and nutrition coaches can make valuable suggestions and offer useful advice to help you navigate challenging real-life situations to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.


What Our Practitioners Do

Without a doubt, health, wellness and nutrition coaching have many facets.

Our practitioners confidently explain, illustrate and guide you throughout the process as you make changes to your eating habits.

In addition, they provide accountability–an essential component and often the difference between success and lack thereof.


Our Approach 

To provide the best care possible and maximize the chances of success, all our wellness coaches thoroughly examine each person on an individual basis.

To do so, they perform a comprehensive analysis of the person’s health history, eating habits, physical exercise routines, lifestyle and much more.

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