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Our nutrition blog writers include:

Julie Mancuso, Weight Loss Counsellor, Owner of JM Nutrition

Andrea Stokes, Registered Dietitian

Vanessa Phillips, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Clinical & Functional Nutritionist, Women’s Health Specialist, BSc, MSc

Terence Boateng, Registered Dietitian, Certified Exercise Physiologist, Sports Nutritionist, BASc, BSc, RD, CSEP-CEP, MHSc

Nataly Georgieva, Registered Dietitian, Disordered Eating Counsellor, MScFN

Our writers and nutritional counsellors operate out of the following locations: Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, Ottawa and Woodbridge.


Nutrition Blog & More

In addition to writing in her blog, Julie has lent her expertise and contributed articles to various publications including Food Network, Toronto Star, Canadian Living, Elle, Business Insider, Livestrong, Reader’s Digest Best Health Magazine, MyFitnessPal and many others.

She has also appeared on television, taking part in panel discussions on nutrition. For more, see In The Press.

Her blog addresses a variety of topics: valuable weight loss tips, healthy food suggestions and a plethora of advice on how to eat more healthily and reach your health, wellness and weight loss goals.

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