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Allow our nutritionists & dietitians to assist with healthy meal plans and general meal planning for you or your family

Our Meal Plans:

Allow our team of leading and experienced Registered Nutritionists, Registered Dietitians, Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, Sports Nutritionists and Exercise Physiologists help you with meal planning to maximize the chances of reaching your specific goal(s).

Highly Personalized

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Based on your food preferences

Built to suit your lifestyle

Made with your food sensitivities in mind

Offer enough variety to avoid boredom

Designed for your budget

Sustainable in the long-term

Types of Meal Planning We Offer

At JM Nutrition our practitioners create healthy meal plans in Toronto and beyond, to suit a variety of needs and health conditions:

Woman adjusting scale while on a weight loss meal plan

Weight Loss Meal Plan

JM Nutrition has specialized in healthy, sustainable weight loss for well over 15 years, serving thousands of happy clients in the Toronto area and beyond.

Surely, much of the success to our diet plan for weight loss can be attributed to high personalization.

Coupled with ongoing support, the weight loss plans receive praise from clients for their high success rate.

Looking for the best way to lose weight? Try our weight loss program.

diabetes meal plan Toronto: measuring blood sugar level

Illness/Disease Management Plans

Our team of practitioners have specialized and extensive training in the management of various diseases, illnesses and other health concerns.

Specifically, JM Nutrition nutritionists and dietitians can create:

  • diabetes meal plan
  • kidney disease & kidney stones diet plan
  • low cholesterol meal plan
  • eating plan to reduce fatty liver
  • high blood pressure meal plan, low blood pressure meal plan, DASH diet plan
  • ulcerative colitis diet plan
  • Crohn’s diet plan

More on disease management and prevention

meal plans Toronto: plant based meal plan bowl

Plant-Based Meal Plan

JM Nutrition nutritionists and dietitians can create a plant-based eating plan for those looking to eat clean, healthy and plant-based foods.

During the nutritional counselling sessions we will go over which foods can form a part of the plant-based diet and cross-reference this list with the foods you enjoy eating.

From this gathered information, we co-create a plant-based meal plan.

These are great for beginners and those with more experience following a plant-based diet.

digestive health meal plans Toronto: woman holding stomach in pain

Digestive Health Plan

JM Nutrition has a long-standing record of helping clients manage a wide range of digestive health concerns. In fact, this is precisely the reason why JM Nutrition was founded many years ago.

Our Registered Nutritionists and Registered Dietitians regularly create a variety of plans from best foods for digestion:

  • gut health diet plan
  • IBS meal plan
  • low FODMAP diet plan
  • SIBO diet plan
  • GERD diet plan
  • and more

You can now reduce excessive bloating, gas, stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn and more.

Learn more about our digestive health approach

woman holding a vegan bowl on a vegan meal plan

Vegan Meal Plan

Our team of practitioners has experience in helping clients looking to follow a vegan diet meal plan.

Rest assured, your vegan meal ideas are created from a list of foods that you enjoy.

In addition, all plans are created based on your current budget and lifestyle.

It is also worth noting that the vegan diet meal plan can be combined with other plans to serve multiple purposes.

For example, we can co-create a vegan diet plan for weight loss or a plan for vegan athletes.

family at table enjoying dinner on a vegetarian meal plan

Vegetarian Meal Plan

Becoming increasingly popular every year, the vegetarian diet has many benefits:

  • ethical
  • environmental
  • reduction of the risk of chronic diseases
  • weight loss

Our practitioners can create plans for the following types of the vegetarian diet:

  • lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet
  • lacto-vegetarian diet
  • ovo-vegetarian diet
  • pescetarian diet

What’s more, we are also flexible in that we can combine a vegetarian diet plan with others to meet multiple goals.

Rest assured, no matter what plan you select, it will be nutritionally-balanced.

zucchini noodles and shrimp on low carb meal plan

Low-Carb Diet Plan

A number of our clients seek our help when following a low-carb diet.

Reason being, reducing the overall carb intake can help in a number of ways:

  • weight loss
  • lowered triglycerides
  • reduced blood sugar & insulin levels
  • and more

Certainly, our nutritionists and dietitians can co-create a healthy, nutritionally-balanced low-carb diet plan that is sustainable and effective.

gluten-free flour examples on a gluten-free meal plan

Gluten-Free Diet Plan

Those stricken with celiac disease or afflicted with gluten intolerance symptoms often seek the assistance of our Registered Nutritionists and Registered Dietitians to help them create a personalized gluten-free diet plan.

Specifically, the plans contain a list of gluten-free foods and recipes, offering structure with variety.

In addition, we can provide specific food product recommendations for gluten-free products that are enjoyed by other clients.

Mediterranean diet meal

Mediterranean Diet Plan

At JM Nutrition we create Mediterranean diet meal planning that is healthy and nutritious.

We work with food from a wide variety of Mediterranean cuisines:

  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Middle Eastern

woman enjoying a salad on a women's health meal plan

Women's Health Plan

At JM Nutrition we assist many female clients with health concerns specific to women.

Our practitioners customize each plan to suit the individual needs of the client.

We can co-create the following:

  • PCOS diet plan
  • pregnancy: prenatal & postnatal meal plan
  • hormone balancing diet plan
  • hypothyroidism diet plan
  • Hashimoto diet plan

More on hormonal balancing

meal plans for athletes: a group of athletes socializing over a protein shake

Meal Plans For Athletes

Our sports nutritionists, exercise physiologists and supplementation experts regularly help athletes plan their meals that are specific to their sporting disciplines. Learn more

We work with competitive and recreational athletes who take part in:

  • individual sports
  • team sports
  • combat sports
  • strength training & bodybuilding
  • fitness & dance
  • and more

boy enjoying food on a healthy meal plan for kids

Healthy Eating Plan For Kids

Because we firmly believe that healthy eating habits start very early on and are largely developed at home, we can assist parents in constructing healthy, nutritious and delicious meals for their children.

Similarly, we also offer family nutritional counselling sessions where each member of the family, including children, can choose to receive a personalized eating plan to suit his or her goals.

Indian food on table

International Foods Plans

Because our clients come from varied cultural backgrounds, our practitioners have experience with foods from all around the world including:

  • Mediterranean
  • Central European
  • Middle Eastern & North African
  • South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi)
  • East Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese)
  • South East Asian (Thai, Vietnamese et al.)
  • Caribbean
  • Mexican
  • South American
  • and more

man on a weight gain meal plan standing on scale with tape measure

Weight Gain Meal Plan

Our practitioners, particularly sports nutritionists, are adept at helping some clients whose goals are to gain weight and/or muscle.

Seeking the help of qualified, experienced professionals is imperative to gain weight in a healthy, safe and sustainable way.

Learn more about our team of sports nutritionists and sports dietitians

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Why JM Nutrition For Meal Plans in Toronto?

Because we are all different with varying goals, we personalized our plans.

Planned meals replace random, unplanned and impulsive food choices.

Planning provides structure, removing guesswork, uncertainty and indecision.

A flexible & sustainable plan that suits your lifestyle.

Meal plans help to establish new, more healthy patterns of behaviour.

Meal planning outlines food serving sizes, portions, proportions, etc.

Nutritional counselling sessions & plans teach how to read a nutrition label.

Meal planning includes specific product recommendations.

Meal plans offer various tips, guidelines and strategies.

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