JM Nutrition Reviews

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For 15+ years, JM Nutrition has received positive reviews from its many happy clients across the Greater Toronto Area, Canada and beyond.

Reason being, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and excellent value, helping thousands of clients across Toronto, Ontario, Canada and beyond.

Our clients’ reviews

  • Had an absolutely fantastic experience with Nathalie at JM nutrition. Julie was great starting the process, super nice and really wants to help you. She will match you to the nutritionist that she feels will help the best with what you want to achieve. She also checked in to make sure that everything was going well. I can’t say enough about Nathalie. So easy to talk to. She gave me so much information and broke it down so it wasn’t overwhelming. I’ve already noticed results and it’s only been a couple of weeks. I would highly recommend JM Nutrition, even if you have a basic nutritional... Read More
  • After trying everything possible to fight my acné i realize that my skin issues was an internal problem and not an external one, so I decided to try something different. I contacted JM, my experience with Vanessa is amazing! She helped me customize a meal plan and taught me what works best for me, she even suggested me to try different face products ( more natural ones) She is very professional, kind and encouraging. I 100% recommend working with her! Anytime I have any questions she is always available. Thank you Vanessa
  • Working with Julie was great. She provided me with a realistic meal plan for my life and my tastes. The meal plan not only helped with weight loss, it also provided me with energy throughout the day which I was previously lacking. Regular check-ins kept me accountable and she was always available to answer any questions.
  • Julie herself was able to provide me important information, off the bat during our consultation, which made a difference with my routine. I do some form of martial arts/self-defence class so I was looking for someone who would have more insight in that regard. Enter Terence, one of their nutritionists who, as it turns out, competes in martial arts himself. It was perfect. He is awesome. After gathering info from me, he was able to come up with a meal plan + recipes + lots of advice. He educates me on how to properly adjust to all my schedule changes (phase openings + life things), how to make ... Read More
  • This was my first experience with JM Nutrition. But, it certainly won't be my last. I was blown away with Julie and Terrance's professionalism. Besides this, I found Terrance who I consulted for my condition was amazing! He clearly knew, what he was talking about. I havd already recommended him to a few members in my family and friends circle.

Case Studies

As an alternative to reviews, you can learn more about the many successes of JM Nutrition clients and read their stories, by taking a look at the case studies below or read more of our reviews.

Case Study: Breakfast changed my life!

Some time ago, I received an email from a JM Nutrition client who was astounded to discover that on account of the suggested breakfast options given to him–which he had swiftly implemented soon after our session–he wasn’t feeling hungry until about 2 p.m. In addition, and much to his surprise, he didn’t feel like reaching for a snack at work anymore or napping in the middle of the day. Digestive health was better, too, he continued, and his waist leaner. It just goes to show that even small  and seemingly insignificant changes to your eating habits can have a big impact on how you feel.

Case Study 2: Does nutrition affect sleep?

A few recent JM Nutrition clients each made a few simple adjustments to their eating habits, namely reducing the consumption of sugar, not eating right before going to sleep, avoiding certain foods while eating others, along with a few other minor tweaks, and soon discovered that the quality and/or length of uninterrupted sleep improved. Doing so naturally should always be the first course of action because in most cases it’s the best course of action. Healthy dietary habits cannot be overlooked when trying to get to the root of many ailments, including sleep. You can read about their stories in the reviews they have left us.

Case Study 3: Say goodbye to acid reflux

Despite the fact that people frequently resort to taking medication for acid reflux and to deal with heartburn, an adjustment to the diet should be seriously considered as the first course of action instead. After a few tweaks to the eating habits, a large number of JM Nutrition clients managed to significantly reduce the unpleasant symptoms associated with acid reflux. Some clients were even able to eliminate them altogether. When dealing with many ailments or when managing illnesses, it is wise to start with a close look at the diet because in many cases it just may be enough.