JM Nutrition’s unique, personalized and detail-oriented approach to nutrition counseling continues to receive outstanding reviews from satisfied clients, differentiating her from many of the competitors.

What people say about JM Nutrition and Julie Mancuso:

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  • I am a 46 year “young” male… Before teaming up with Julie for help, I spent more time deciding which grade of gasoline to add to my c... Read More
  • I started seeing Julie almost 4 months ago and it has truly been a life changing experience. I did the weight loss program and have lost alm... Read More

Case Studies

To learn more about the many successes of JM Nutrition clients and to read their stories, take a look at the case studies below.

Case Study: Breakfast changed my life!

A week or so ago, I received an email from a JM Nutrition client who was astounded to discover that on account of the suggested breakfast options given to him–which he had swiftly implemented–he wasn’t feeling hungry until about 2 p.m. In addition, and much to his surprise, he didn’t feel like reaching for a snack at work or napping in the middle of the day. Digestion was better, too, he continued, and his waist leaner. It just goes to show that even small changes to your eating habits can have a big impact on how you feel.

Case Study 2

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Case Study 3

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