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For 15+ years, JM Nutrition practitioners have received positive reviews from many happy clients across the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Nova Scotia and beyond.

Reason being, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and excellent value, helping thousands of clients reach their nutrition, health, wellness and fitness goals. We accomplish this with both, our on-site nutritional counselling as well as virtual sessions.

What Our Clients Say

  • I have had a great experience with JM Nutrition. I had to reschedule my consultation fairly last minute, and Julie was able to squeeze me in so quickly! Lyndsay listened closely to my goals and food preferences. My meal plan came within days, and was perfect. It is so easy to follow, and meets all of my diet preferences. I try to eat mostly plant based, but not strictly, and Lyndsay made the perfect meal plan for me. I’ve been given plans before but none have been as clearly laid out or have had so many options! I highly recommend Lyndsay, and JM nutrition.
  • My daughter is a competitive swimmer, and we were looking for some advice as to how to manage her nutritional needs. Sierra was a great fit for us. She listened to our needs, and did an excellent job of navigating us through some options, making sure to include our own likes and habits. By the end of the appointment, my daughter was incredibly at ease with Sierra, and was able to verbalize all of her own questions. On top of the excellent experience with Sierra, I am beyond impressed with the ease with which JM Nutrition communicated with me as I began the appointment process. Julie answered a... Read More
  • I was in search of dietitian and came across JM Nutrition. Julie was very quick in providing information and giving recommendations on dietitians. The process was simple, and it was easy to book an appointment. I have had my initial consultation and meal planning appointments with Kirsten. Kirsten has been very helpful in providing information and reviewing my goals and health concerns. It was nice to have a dietitian that actually listens and helps incorporate our food preferences, dietary restrictions, and also provides alternatives to help develop a balanced meal according to our life styl... Read More
  • I recently had the pleasure of working with Kyle, a dietitian at JM Nutrition, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. Kyle is an absolute professional and his expertise in nutrition is impressive. He has a wealth of knowledge in male health and his recommendations on losing weight without losing muscle mass were spot on. What I appreciated most about working with Kyle was his approachability and flexibility. He took the time to understand my unique needs and tailored a plan that worked for me. Kyle's understanding and empathy made me feel comfortable and motivated to succeed from day o... Read More
  • I had a very positive experience with JM Nutrition. Besides the excellent communication and service, I found my dietician, Maude to be very knowledgeable, helpful and professional, taking a balanced and steady approach to getting well. I've listened to many talks on nutrition, diet and wellness and so I was surprised that from the very first session, even after applying some simple recommendations tailored for me, I started to see an improvement. I appreciate the sense of genuine attention and care that I received. Well worth it!

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Case Studies

As an alternative to reviews, you can learn more about the many successes of JM Nutrition clients and read their stories, by taking a look at the case studies below.

Case Study: Breakfast changed my life!

Some time ago, I received an email from a JM Nutrition client who was astounded to discover that on account of the suggested breakfast options given to him during nutritional counselling sessions with one of our practitioners–which he had swiftly implemented soon after the session–he wasn’t feeling hungry until about 2 p.m. In addition, and much to his surprise, he didn’t feel like reaching for a snack at work anymore or napping in the middle of the day. Digestive health was better, too, he continued, and his waist leaner. It just goes to show that even small  and seemingly insignificant changes to your eating habits can have a big impact on how you feel.

Case Study 2: Does nutrition affect sleep?

A few recent JM Nutrition clients each made a few simple adjustments to their eating habits, namely reducing the consumption of sugar, not eating right before going to sleep, avoiding certain foods while eating others, along with a few other minor tweaks, and soon discovered that the quality and/or length of uninterrupted sleep improved. Doing so naturally should always be the first course of action because in most cases it’s the best course of action. Healthy dietary habits cannot be overlooked when trying to get to the root of many ailments, including sleep. You can read about their stories in the reviews they have left us.

Case Study 3: Say goodbye to acid reflux

Despite the fact that people frequently resort to taking medication for acid reflux and to help manage heartburn, an adjustment to the diet should be seriously considered as the first course of action instead. After a few tweaks to the eating habits, a large number of our clients continue to manage to significantly reduce the unpleasant symptoms associated with acid reflux. Some clients were even able to eliminate them altogether. When dealing with many ailments or when managing various symptoms, it is wise to start with a close look at the diet because in many cases it just may be the only thing you need to improve the current situation.

Case Study 4: Family time!

Over the years we have had many clients reach out to our nutritionists and dietitians, seeking help for themselves and/or their families. In recent months, we have had an increasing number of clients looking for nutritional counselling for children. After reading several of our reviews, one client decided to contact us to help her two young boys establish healthier eating habits. Interestingly, following the initial session with our registered dietitian, the client decided that she and her husband would join the children in engaging our dietitian to help the whole family make positive nutrition and lifestyle changes. And so they did with great success! We commend any family who wishes to prioritize the health of their children and their families as the aforementioned family did. After all, we all want our children to grow up into healthy and robust adults.

Case Study 5: Nutrition and skin health

More and more people are beginning to realize that the foods we regularly consume are directly related to a whole host of health problems and conditions. A case in point is nutrition and skin health. After several nutritional interventions and the recommendations of a number of specific natural facial products, a recent client of JM Nutrition concluded that the acne outbreaks were an internal rather than external issue. Following these suggestions and with some additional nutritional advice, the client noticed significant improvement in overall skin health and the reduction of the severity of acne outbreaks just weeks after changing her diet and adapting a new meal plan. Personalized interventions and specific adjustments to eating habits geared towards the given condition can often prove very helpful in managing various unpleasant symptoms.

Case Study 6: Keep it simple

As one of our clients mentioned in a review during the COVID-19 lockdown, you don’t have to enjoy cooking to be able to improve your eating habits and make substantial changes. Some people like things simple and realistic. Convenience also plays a large part to be able to follow through. To make changes achievable and sustainable, ensuring the goals are reached, these boxes have to be checked off–especially for those who do not enjoy cooking at home. For this exact reason, our nutrition consultants personalize our meal plans and the nutritional counselling approach to meet the specific goals and lifestyle of the client. We follow this up with intermittent check-in sessions to monitor progress and tweak things as needed. This approach has worked for this client and, over the years, thousands of others.