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Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Winnipeg, Manitoba

Registered dietitian and nutritionist servicing Winnipeg and the rest of Manitoba for a wide variety of nutrition and health concerns. Personalized, thorough, supportive and affordable fees. Free consultation.

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Servicing all of Manitoba, our Winnipeg dietitian and nutritionist is a regulated health professional licensed with the College of Dietitians of Manitoba and an active member of Dietitians of Canada.

Our Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Winnipeg, Manitoba

Registered dietitian and nutritionist Winnipeg Manitoba Nadja Abada JM Nutrition

Nadja Abada, Registered Dietitian 

Registered dietitian in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Nadja offers personalized and supportive nutritional counselling in the following areas:

Dietitian for Weight Management

Winnipeg dietitian and nutritionist Nadja provides nutritional counselling for weight loss. Nadja takes a holistic, in-depth approach, offering personalized nutritional interventions and tailored meal plans or guides aimed at helping you lose way in a healthy and sustainable way.

Nadja also offers sessions aimed at helping you gain weight.

Learn more: Weight loss with a registered dietitian

Dietitian for Chronic Disease Management

Dietitian Nadja also works with clients helping them manage conditions such as:

  • Dietary management of high blood pressure
  • Nutritional counselling sessions for high cholesterol (dyslipidemia & triglycerides)
  • Nutritional therapy for overall heart health
  • Nutritional support for cancer
  • Dietitian for diabetes management (type 2) & insulin resistance
  • Gout management
  • Kidney disease diet support
  • Liver disease management: NAFLD, NASH, cirrhosis
  • Nutritional counselling sessions to help support obesity management
  • Nutrition plans for osteoporosis management
  • Dietary support of a dietitian for rheumatoid arthritis

Women’s Health Concerns

Registered dietitian and nutritionist, Nadja, helps address various concerns pertaining to women’s health:

Dietitian Support For Digestive Problems

Nadja also works with clients to help them manage various digestive health concerns:

Mental Health Nutrition

Dietitian and nutritionist, Nadja, provides nutritional counselling for matters pertaining to mental health:

  • Anxiety management via diet
  • Dietary support for depression
  • Dietary management of chronic fatigue
  • Nutritional interventions for sleep
  • Orthorexia support with dietitian

Brain Health Support

You can also receive nutritional therapy for brain health. Our Winnipeg and Manitoba dietitian can help address the following areas:

  • Microbiome: brain-gut axis, dysbiosis
  • Alzheimer’s diet support
  • Nutritional interventions for autism
  • Dementia
  • Dietary management of ADHD

Dietitian Support For Various Diets

If you’re looking for the support of a nutritionist in Winnipeg or Manitoba for special diets, Nadja has got you covered. Nadja expertly helps clients manage the following:

Other Nutrition and Health Concerns

What’s more, you can work with Winnipeg dietitian and nutritionist for the following health and nutrition concerns:

Our Registered Nutritionists & Dietitians In The Media

Our registered dietitians and nutritionist appear in local, regional, national and even international media publications offering their expertise on a wide array of health, wellness and, of course, nutrition matters.

JM Nutrition Dietitians and Nutritionists In the Press

Learn more about Nadja, our Winnipeg dietitian and nutritionist:

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