H. Pylori Support

H. Pylori Dietitian and Nutritionist 

Our registered dietitian and nutritionist for H. Pylori support will assess your diet, provide an educational component and create a personalized meal plan to help improve symptoms of the infection.

H. Pylori Dietitian and Nutritionist JM

How an H. Pylori Dietitian and Nutritionist Can Help

A registered dietitian and nutritionist for H. Pylori can provide help and support in the following ways:

✓  Assess current diet and potential contributing factors for abdominal discomfort associated with H. Pylori.

✓  Review adequate hydration for your body and overall digestive health.

✓  Provide targeted dietary intervention to improve accompanying symptoms such as bloating, gas, constipation, and/or diarrhea.

✓  Build a diet rich in anti-inflammatory compounds (including, but not limited to, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, C, E, and selenium).

✓  Discuss the need and use of probiotics and prebiotics, and/or synbiotics to support eradication therapy and H. Pylori symptom management.

✓  Review around the safety and efficacy of herbal supplements in your H Pylori treatment plan.

✓  Assess and correct eating behaviours that may contribute to unpleasant digestive symptoms.

✓  Discuss relevant and key lifestyle factors such as stress management.

Create a personalized meal plan, if desired. Learn more about our meal plans.

Conduct nutritional counselling sessions to help manage other and/or related health conditions, making tweaks as necessary.

Suggest foods, snacks, meals and recipes for those suffering with H. Pylori.

Make recommendations for food product substitutions for your favourite foods, if applicable.

Pick the brain of an H. Pylori dietitian and nutritionist.

And more.

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Appointment with H Pylori Dietitian & Nutritionist

We offer in-person appointments with a dietitian for H Pylori at the following offices:

Visit: dietitian Toronto, dietitian & nutritionist Mississauga, dietitian & nutritionist Ottawa, nutritionist in Vancouver and dietitian in Halifax.

Also visit: nutritionist & dietitian Calgary, dietitian Edmonton , dietitian in Regina, Saskatoon dietitian, Winnipeg dietitian, Montreal dietitians

We also offer services virtually with our online counselling with dietitian and nutritionist. We conduct virtual counselling in the following provinces: Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland & Labrador, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Contact us for a no-obligation phone consultation during which we can:

✓  outline how the process looks like

✓  discuss your goals and concerns 

✓  explain how billing and pricing work

✓  address concerns about insurance, if any

✓  answer any other questions

What are the fees associated with a dietitian and nutritionist?

H. Pylori Information & Resources

In addition to working with a nutritionist and dietitian for H Pylori, consider the below resources for a more in-depth look.