Chronic Dieting

 Dietitian and Nutritionist For Chronic Dieting (Yo-Yo Dieting)

Receive counselling, guidance, support and expert advice of a dietitian and nutritionist for chronic dieting, commonly known as yo-yo dieting. 

Dietitian and Nutritionist for Chronic or Yo-Yo-Dieting JM Nutrition

Before we delve into how our dietitian and nutritionist for chronic or yo-yo dieting can help, a little background information is crucial.

What is chronic dieting?

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the characteristics of chronic or yo-yo dieters are the following:

  • Consistent caloric restrictions for more than 2 years – chronic undereating.
  • Hyperfocus on weight and body size.
  • Continuing to diet even if weight loss is negligible.
  • Regaining weight, often more than what was originally lost.


Chronic dieting risks

While we live in diet culture, where the relentless push for dietary modifications, hacks, cleanses, reboots and is never ending, may folks remain chronically trapped in dieting behaviours.

While short-term periodic fasts or elimination protocols may be warranted for spiritual reasons or to better map out food intolerances or allergies, long-term dietary manipulations in the form of undereating pose multiple health risks.

Furthermore, 70-80% of our body weight is determined by genetics.

In addition, research demonstrates that only 5% of dieters are able to maintain significant weight loss over the long term, and ultimately up to 2/3 of people regain more weight than they originally lost.

For this reason it is vital to seek guidance of health professionals such as a registered dietitian and nutritionist for chronic dieting.

What are the negative effects of chronic or yo-yo dieting?

Our registered dietitian and nutritionist for chronic dieting created the below list of negative effects.

  • Slower Metabolism:
    • Dietary restrictions send the message to one’s body for energy preservation and storage. While the body attempts to conserve energy for necessary biological functions, chronic dieters often notice sluggish digestion, low mood, and fatigue. 
  • Weight Cycling:
    • Weight fluctuations are very common for chronic yo-yo dieters. Weight loss often gets offset by binge eating patterns, as after relentless restrictions the body’s physiological responses to balance out calorie deficit predispose people to bouts of overeating.
    • Weight cycling has been linked with inflammation, hypertension, insulin resistance and high cholesterol levels.
    • Once these metabolic changes are activated, one is at increased risk of developing chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. Again, all the more reason to seek the counsel of a dietitian and nutritionist for chronic or yo-yo dieting. 
  • Hormone Changes:
    • Chronic dieting causes hormonal fluctuations as well. 
  • Body Image Dissatisfaction:
    • This occurs as dieting gives rise to feelings of guilt, shame, and anxiety around one’s physical appearances. Furthermore, body image concerns coupled with dieting predispose individuals to developing eating disorders as well.
  • Muscle and Bone Loss:
    • Depending on the extent of restrictions, one may experience muscle tissue loss for energy and macronutrients. With decreased metabolically active muscle mass, people struggle to maintain body weight following weight loss. Bone loss is also common, given the decrease in sex-hormone levels and possibly limited intake of bone-building nutrients.
  • Mental Health Challenges:
    • Often chronic dieters mention chronic psychological stress, discrimination coupled with high anxiety about their weight and health. Once again, a dietitian and nutritionist for chronic or yo-yo dieting can help here, especially one who has extensive experience with mental health.

How Can a Dietitian and Nutritionist for Chronic Dieting or Yo-Yo Dieting Help

Should clients want to prioritize health over body weight, working with an eating disorder dietitian would certainly be a good fit.

A registered dietitian for yo-yo dieting can potentially help in the following ways:

  • Help examine your current relationship with food.
  • Dispel various common myths around food.
  • Help learn to trust self with hunger and fullness cues, thereby consistently meeting nutritional requirements.
  • Instead of focusing on a relentless urge to change one’s body, working on body acceptance through body image optimization, eating for wellbeing, life-enhancing movement, along with cultivating mindfulness practices through respectful and compassionate care.
  • Receive help in working through internalized weight stigma, as many folks report having experienced weight discrimination, bullying and weight-biased care in the past.
  • Obtain support to help cope with feelings of shame and guilt which often fuel health anxiety in clients who live in larger bodies.
  • Receive nutritional counselling from a dietitian for chronic dieting in order to dispel myths, drawing on weight science which can further ease their anxiety and assist in the recovery process from chronic dieting practices.

In addition to working with a dietitian and nutritionist who specializes in chronic dieting or yo-yo dieting, it is also important to consider working with a mental health professional.

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