Sports Nutrition Presentations

Sports Nutrition Presentations

On-Site & Virtual Sports Nutrition Presentations For Athletes, Sports Teams, Clubs & Organizations

Our nutrition & exercise specialists deliver sports nutrition presentations that focus on optimum nutrition for athletes to improve sports performance

sports nutrition presentations

What is a Sports Nutrition Presentation?

Typically, a presentation about nutrition in sports is one that’s completely customized and geared to the given sporting discipline.

Essentially, it’s a method of presenting relevant and practical information about a variety or current and relevant topics in a concise, engaging and effective way.

Presentations of this nature offer an educational component on sports nutrition, sports performance or both.

Furthermore, presentations can be delivered in a group-setting, on-site. They can take place on the field, court, in the stadium, arena, clubhouse or classroom setting.

Today, our presentations are mostly conducted virtually to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Using video-conferencing platforms to deliver presentations meets the needs of athletes, coaches and managers who still want to ensure optimum nutrition to maintain fitness levels and maximize athletic performance during this challenging time.

About Our Sports Nutrition Presentations

  • We offer the following presentations for athletes

    • ✓  team sports presentations

    • ✓  individual sports presentations

    • ✓  sports nutrition & sports performance presentations

    • ✓  on-site presentations

    • ✓  virtual presentations

    • ✓  presentations for recreational, competitive, semi-professional & professional athletes

    • sports-related presentations for athletes of all ages

Facts About Our Sports Nutrition Presentations

Customized to your needs, goals & desired topics

High-quality & professional

Insightful, informative & educational

Visually striking

Involve the audience for maximum engagement

Based on current, evidence-based information

Delivered by experts in the fields of nutrition & exercise

Include a question & answer period for the audience

Any questions? We’re happy to assist. Get in touch with us.

Sports Nutrition Presentations: How It Works

Choose the delivery method

One, choose the delivery method of the presentation.

We conduct on-site and virtual presentations, as well as hybrid presentations, where present to the audience on-site while broadcasting the presentation to those attending remotely.

If you select an on-site presentation for your sports team, club or organization, please inform us of the venue, so we can prepare accordingly.

Select the duration

Two, select the duration of the sports nutrition presentation.

We offer customized presentations, so let us know what you have in mind.

Decide on the topic(s)

Three, take a list of the topics we offer and decide which are interest to audience (scroll down the page).

You can simply select one topic to be the focus of the entire presentation or a combination of a few topics. The choice is yours.

Please keep in mind that all topics and presentations are age-appropriate.

Determine the frequency

Four, determine if you’d like to book a one-time presentation or a series of recurring presentations.

Please note: We offer reduced pricing for multiple sessions.

Select a date and time

Five, select a date and time for your presentation(s).

We request at least 1 week advanced notice for all bookings.

Inform us of any other requests

If you have any specific questions or other special requests particular to your sporting discipline, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

Popular Presentation Topics

Take a look at the list of the popular presentation topics and select one or more. If a topic you’re looking for is not on the list, please contact us to see if we can accommodate.

  1. What to eat and when to eat to maximize sports performance
  2. Simple ways to boost energy and avoid energy dips and slumps
  3. Tips, snacks and meals specific to your sporting discipline
  4. Nutrition for young athletes: healthy meal, snacks and general tips
  5. How to boost stamina, endurance and improve athletic performance
  6. Reducing the risk of sports-related injuries
  7. Rest, recovery and repair
  8. Importance of exercise: Diet vs. exercise debate
  9. Proper hydration for strenuous physical activity
  10. Importance of nutrition
  11. Sports supplementation and pre- and post-workout nutrition
  12. Nutrition facts vs. myths
  13. How to improve body composition and build muscle
  14. Macronutrient distribution and optimization
  15. Much more

presentations for sports teams

More On Virtual Sports Nutrition Presentations

JM Nutrition offers virtual presentations to sports teams, clubs and organizations all across Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and more.

Please note: For booking purposes, we are located in the Easter Standard Time zone.

Video-Conferencing Platforms We Use:

For your convenience, at JM Nutrition we use the following video-conferencing platforms for our virtual presentations: Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet & Skype.

We Work With Individual & Team Sports

JM Nutrition delivers on-site and virtual presentations for a wide variety of team and individual sports including:

Soccer (Football)




Track and Field (Athletics)



Long-Distance Running


Mixed Martial Arts



Football (American)


And many more

Our Presenters

The JM Nutrition team of presenters consists of experienced and diverse nutrition, health and wellness professionals including:

Sports Nutritionist & Dietitian

Registered Dietitians

Registered Nutritionists

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