Foods We Work With

Our Culturally Competent Dietitians & Nutritionists Work With Foods From Around The World

Because our team of dietitians and nutritionists services clients from diverse lifestyles, ethnocultural and religious backgrounds from across Canada, they are culturally competent and in the unique position to be able to work with foods from around the world.

Cultural competence in dietetics is of great importance because it influences what, when and how we eat. As such, our practitioners provide tailored, culturally appropriate expertise, more effective meal plans and more personalized nutritional counselling to promote better health outcomes.

Culturally Competent Dietitians and Nutritionists Foods and Cuisines We Work With

Foods and Cuisines We Work With

Whether you call it ethnic foods, international foods, cultural foods or foods from around the world, our dietitians and nutritionists are no doubt well-versed in the area.

Our practitioners continue to work or have worked with the following foods or cuisines:


British Isles


Central European


Eastern European (Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian)





Latin American (Central & South America)

Mediterranean (Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)


Middle Eastern

North African



South Asian (Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Bangladeshi)

South East Asian (Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Filipino, Indonesian)

Traditional North American

West African

Western European

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