Gastroparesis Management

Gastroparesis Dietitian & Nutritionist 

Gastroparesis dietitian and nutritionist provides nutritional counselling sessions and thorough, personalized meal plans designed to reduce symptoms and maintain adequate nutrition. 

Gastroparesis Dietitian and Nutritionist for Diet Plan, Management and Support

How Can A Nutritionist & Dietitian Help Manage Gastroparesis

If you’re looking for help managing gastroparesis, our registered dietitians and nutritionists can:

Assess dietary habits and symptoms thoroughly to understand your nutritional needs.

Outline guidelines and specific strategies for gastroparesis management by focusing on how you eat and what you eat (e.g., eating small meals more often, blending meals, potentially eating less fibre and fat, chewing food well, staying hydrated, etc.)

Provide an overview of what foods to eat while on a gastroparesis diet.

Help identify symptom trigger foods through food diaries and symptom tracking, and recommend alternatives that are better tolerated.

Suggest liquid nutritional supplements rich in nutrients if solid foods are poorly tolerated.

Create a personalized gastroparesis diet plan to provide further guidance and support. Learn more about our meal plans.

Conduct nutritional counselling sessions to support you go begin to go through the process of gastroparesis management.

Offer guidance on meal timing and composition to optimize nutrient absorption and minimize gastroparesis symptoms.

Address concerns related to weight management, as gastroparesis can affect appetite and digestion. Visit: weight loss nutritionist and dietitian

Suggest cooking techniques that make food easier to digest.

Suggest foods, snacks, meals and recipes that are gastroparesis-friendly.

Make recommendations for food product substitutions or similar products, if available.

Provide follow-up sessions to check in, monitor progress, address concerns, answer questions,  tweak the gastroparesis diet plan, if necessary, and so on.

Address other co-existing dietary and health conditions.

And more.

In-Person Appointments

Contact us for a no-obligation phone consultation during which we can:

✓  outline how the process looks like

✓  discuss your goals and concerns 

✓  explain how billing and pricing work

✓  address concerns about insurance, if any

✓  answer any other questions

Virtual Gastroparesis Support with a Dietitian & Nutritionist

For those who are unable to attend an appointment at one of our offices, we offer virtual sessions. This way you can work with a gastroparesis dietitian and nutritionist no matter where you live. Please visit our FAQ page for listed exceptions.

Learn more about working with an online dietitian and nutritionist.

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What are the fees associated with a dietitian and nutritionist?