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Online Nutrition Counselling With A Dietitian & Nutritionist That’s Personalized, Thorough & Supportive

JM Nutrition provides personalized nutritional counselling services by online dietitian and nutritionist to the residents of Canada, via the phone or video-conferencing. Each one of our virtual nutritionists and dietitians has his or her own areas of specialization, enabling you to receive help that’s tailored to your specific nutrition and health needs. Telehealth medicine could not be easier!

online nutritionist and dietitian on laptop conducting nutrition counselling

Our Nutritionists & Dietitians Have Been Seen In

Our team of registered dietitians, nutritionists and nutrition coaches regularly appear in the media as expert nutrition sources. 

JM Nutrition Dietitians and Nutritionists In the Press

Benefits Of Nutrition Counselling With An Online Nutritionist and Dietitian

Easy access to a wider pool of telehealth dietitians and nutritionists

Increased chance of keeping your appointment

Greater scheduling flexibility

Cut down time on commuting

Greater time spent with family

Greater privacy

Familiar surroundings in the comfort of your home

Ideal for those who live in remote areas

Why Work With Our Nutritionist and Dietitian Online?

  • Select from a diverse team of telemedicine dietitians and nutritionists with specialized training.
  • Experience and expertise conducting online nutrition counselling sessions.
  • Trusted by doctors and other medical professionals.
  • Covered by many extended healthcare benefits.
  • Personalized, thorough & supportive counselling by telehealth dietitians.
  • Specialized training in helping manage a variety of conditions, disorders and health needs.
  • Educational and engaging health and nutrition coaching sessions.
  • Exceptional client service and feedback.
  • Experienced in working with various foods from across the world.
  • Transparent & affordable fees!

How Does Online Nutrition Counselling Work?

Select Package

So you decided to work with a virtual nutritionist and dietitian. No worries! Telehealth medicine is just as effective.

First, take a look at the packages (and pricing) we offer and select the most suitable for you. If you’re not sure, we can certainly help you find the right fit.


If undecided about which package to select, we can consult on the phone (or email) to allow you to discover more about our online nutritional counselling approach and help you decide.

We will walk you through the process step-by-step, answering all the questions you may have.

We only proceed to book an appointment with a telemedicine dietitian and nutritionist, if or when you’re ready.

Book free consultation

Online Dietitian or Nutritionist?

Next, determine which practitioner you’d prefer to work with.

Please check your extended health care benefits for coverage details, including the annual coverage amount.

Learn more about insurance coverage.

Schedule Appointment (Initial Session)

We then book an appointment (initial session).

The virtual appointment can be conducted by phone or video-conferencing. If you’re unfamiliar with how to use these, we will gladly you walk you the set-up process.

Remember, our telehealth dietiitans and nutritionists are here to help in any way they can.

Fill Out Intake Form

Next, we will send an intake form for you to fill out, which should be returned to us prior to the appointment with the practitioner.

Initial Session

During the appointment (initial session), our nutritional counsellors will address all your concerns, answer all your questions and outline an action plan designed to help you meet your goal(s).

What’s more, he or she will begin co-creating a personalized meal plan (if applicable) based on your intake form and input.

The meal plan will be created based on your goal(s), food preferences, lifestyle, dietary or religious restrictions and budget.

Discover more about our meal plans.

Receive Your Meal Plan

A few days following this session, you will receive your personalized meal plan designed to help you navigate your way through meals. 

If you have any questions or need clarification, feel free to ask our practitioners.

As we pride ourselves on exceptional client service, we want to ensure we do everything we can to help you accomplish your goal(s).

Receive Tips, Guidelines & Recipes

In addition, our telehealth dietitians and nutritionists will supply you with healthy recipes, tips, serving sizes guide, how to read a nutrition facts label, and more–all useful tools to help you reach your goal(s).

Our clients love these valuable resources.

Schedule Follow-Up Appointment

After you implement the meal plan, we schedule follow-up nutritional counselling sessions with your virtual nutritionist or dietitian for Q & A and to monitor progress, make adjustments, if needed, discuss challenges and outline effective strategies.

Typically, follow-up sessions are scheduled every 2 weeks, but that can vary, depending on your individual needs.


We accept the following methods of payment: credit card, electronic money transfer or cheque.

How much does it cost to work with a virtual nutritionist and dietitian?

Our Fees

Dietitian and Nutritionist Services Online

Our team of telehealth dietitians and nutritionists offer a full range of services:

Online Weight Loss Program

For years we have provided weight loss services by a team of experienced practitioners who help clients lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

Disease Prevention & Management: 

  • Dietitian for diabetes
  • Nutritional counselling for heart health
  • Liver health dietitian
  • Kidney disease management
  • Dietitian for obesity management
  • Arthritis dietitian: gout, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis
  • Management of and support for osteoporosis
  • Dietitians for cancer patients
  • Dietary management of autoimmune disease with a dietitian

Digestive Health Conditions:

  • Crohn’s & Ulcerative Colitis
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Management of acid reflux
  • Nutritional interventions for diverticulitis
  • Low-FODMAP diet
  • Gastritis management
  • Online nutritionist for SIBO
  • Diet counselling for pancreatitis
  • Receive nutritional counselling with an online dietitian for gastroparesis
  • Gallbladder support

Learn more about digestive health services

Women’s Health:

  • Dietitian for PCOS
  • Nutritionist for menopause
  • Hormone balancing nutritionist
  • Nutritional interventions with endometriosis dietitian
  • Prenatal nutrition, including nutritional counselling with fertility dietitian
  • Breastfeeding support

Children’s Nutrition:

Customized Meal Planning

  • Meal plans and guides tailored to your needs & goals

Nutritional Support for Athletes

Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating

Specialty Diets

  • Vegan nutritionist & dietitian
  • Nutritionist & dietitian for plant-based eating
  • Vegetarian dietitian
  • Gluten-free & Celiac Disease dietitian
  • Flexitarian dietitian
  • Anti-inflammation dietitian & nutritionist
  • Work with a dietitian for histamine intolerance
  • Management of various food allergies and intolerances

Learn more: special diet management

Brain & Mental Health

We also offer online nutrition counselling with a brain and mental health dietitian.

Contact us for a no-obligation phone consultation during which we can:

✓  outline how the process works

✓ how to select a virtual nutritionist or dietitian

✓  discuss your goal(s)

✓  explain how billing and pricing work

✓  address concerns about insurance

✓  answer any other questions

Our Locations

Please keep in mind that if you live nearby, you can also choose to receive nutritional counselling from one of our locations: JM Nutrition Toronto, JM Nutrition Scarborough, JM Nutrition Mississauga, JM Nutrition Woodbridge (Vaughan), JM Nutrition Ottawa, JM Nutrition Hamilton, JM Nutrition Vancouver and JM Nutrition Halifax.