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Corporate Lunch and Learn Nutrition Presentations

Virtual Lunch and Learn Sessions on Trending Health, Wellness and Nutrition Topics

Our facilitators deliver virtual corporate lunch and learn presentations on a wide variety of current nutrition, health & wellness topics to meet your company needs. 

virtual corporate lunch and learn nutrition presentations

Corporate Lunch and Learn Presentation Topics We Offer

Supercharge For The Workday 

This nutrition lunch and learn focuses on how to fuel the body for long days at work, boost energy to avoid the afternoon energy slump and maximize productivity throughout the work day.

Nutrition & Stress

During this virtual lunch and learn we examine the connection between nutrition and stress, this health, with a specific look at the role of cortisol, offering numerous stress management strategies through nutritional interventions.

Nutrition In The New Age

The focus of this very popular corporate lunch and learn is on eating and staying healthy in this new age where we are required to work remotely, from the office or in a hybrid scenario. The healthy eating strategies and tips presented apply to all 3 scenarios.

Food, Cravings & Emotions

As another sought-after corporate lunch and learn, this sessions tackles the difference between hunger and cravings, the reasons for cravings and strategies designed to help manage cravings as well as emotional eating behaviour.

Eat Well To Be Well

This health, wellness and nutrition lunch and learn addresses the connection between diet and chronic disease. Specifically, we look at major strategies to prevent (or manage) chronic disease with the goal of achieving optimum health.

How To Save Money On Groceries

An especially relevant and important topic during highly inflationary times, this lunch and learn nutrition presentation outlines a variety of ways to save money before setting out to the grocery store, when at the grocery store and while at home.

Nutrition Myths vs. Facts

During this nutrition presentation, we first focus on the reasons why there are so many nutrition-related myths and misconceptions and the steps you can take to determine what is fact and what is fiction. We then dispel a number of common nutrition myths, providing the latest science-backed evidence.

Plant-Based Eating: What It’s All About

In this virtual lunch and learn we examine the relationship between sustainability and the plant-based diet, the distinction between what is plant-based eating and what it isn’t, the plant-based diet health and environment benefits and considerations, and how to get started on a plant-based diet.

Fads, Diets & Trends

This popular nutrition lunch and learn centres around various diets, fads and trends, how they work and the benefits and drawbacks of each. We also provide our professional verdict on each fad, diet and trend.

Diet & Exercise Connection

In this health and wellness lunch and learn we dive into the importance of physical exercise, how much exercise you should do, simple ways to introduce exercise, the importance of nutrition and an examination of the diet vs. exercise debate.

Gut Health 101

This lunch and learn deals with the basics of gut health. We provide an overview of the digestive system and its functions, discuss diet and lifestyle basics for good gut health, analyze the effects of certain foods on the digestive system and suggest troubleshooting tips for common digestive issues.

Meal Planning & Prepping

This nutrition-related lunch and learn we demonstrate how to design a balanced meal plan that you’ll actually stick to, we discuss the question: do meal plans work? and provide many meal planning and prepping strategies.

Metabolism 101

This corporate lunch and learn presentation focuses on the connection between nutrition and metabolism. Specifically, we delve into what is metabolism, how we speed it up and slow it down, myth busting, nutritional advice pertaining to metabolism, lifestyle factors that affect it, and more.

How to Create a Healthy Food Environment

This topic focuses on intentionally creating a healthy food environment at home, work and when on-the-go. Participants will come equipped with numerous strategies on how to bring this to fruition in their own lives.

What is the fee for a virtual lunch and learn nutrition presentation?

The fees for corporate lunch and learn presentations start at CAD175 or USD130.

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Companies & Institutions We Have Worked With

JM Nutrition has delivered virtual corporate lunch and learn nutrition presentations for a large number of companies and institutions, primarily in Canada and the United States, but also in Europe and Asia.

Corporate and Workplace Wellness Companies JM Nutrition Works With

What is a Lunch and Learn Presentation?

Typically, a lunch and learn is a 30-60 minute informal presentation with an educational component conducted during the lunch hour.

In addition, lunch and learn presentations are delivered in a group-setting, either on-site, or more commonly, virtually.

Using video-conferencing platforms to deliver virtual lunch and learn sessions meets the needs of employees who are currently working from home.

Furthermore, a lunch and learn is a practical method of presenting relevant and practical information in a concise, engaging and effective way.

Types of Lunch and Learn Presentations

  • Lunch and learn & nutrition presentations we offer

    • ✓  corporate lunch and learn

    • ✓  non-corporate lunch and learn (non-profit organizations, government and educational institutions & more)

    • ✓  virtual lunch and learns

    • ✓  nutrition presentations (e.g., nutrition month)

    • ✓  general health & wellness lunch and learns

Facts About Our Lunch and Learn Nutrition Presentations

Customized to your needs, goals & desired topics

High-quality & professional

Insightful, informative & educational

Contain striking images, graphics and/or videos

Involve the audience for maximum engagement

Based on current & evidence-based information

Delivered by experts in the fields of nutrition & exercise

Include a question & answer period for the audience

Lunch and Learn Nutrition Presentations: How It Works

Choose the delivery method

One, choose the delivery method of the lunch and learn session.

We conduct on-site and virtual lunch and learn sessions, as well as hybrid presentations, where present to the audience on-site while broadcasting the presentation to those working remotely.

Select the duration

Two, select the duration of the lunch and learn session or nutrition presentation.

We offer 30-, 45- and 60-minute lunch and learn sessions and nutrition presentations.

Decide on the topic(s)

Three, take a list of the topics we offer and decide which are interest to your company (see below).

You can simply select one topic to be the focus of the entire lunch and learn session or a combination of a few topics. The choice is yours.

Determine the frequency

Four, determine if you’d like to book a one-time lunch and learn session or a series of presentations.

Please note: We offer reduced pricing for multiple sessions.

Select a date and time

Five, select a date and time for your presentation(s).

We request at least 1 week advanced notice for all bookings.

Inform us of any other requests

If you have any other special requests particular to your company or institution, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

More On Virtual Lunch and Learn Presentations

JM Nutrition offers virtual lunch and learn sessions and nutrition presentations to companies and institutions of all sizes across Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, the rest of Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Please note: For booking purposes, we are located in the Easter Standard Time zone.

Lunch and learn video-conferencing platforms:

For your convenience, at JM Nutrition we use the following video-conferencing platforms for our virtual presentations: Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet & Skype.

Our Team of Presenters

The JM Nutrition team of presenters consists of experienced and diverse nutrition, health and wellness professionals including:

Registered Dietitians & Nutritionists

Sports NutritionistS & Dietitians

Holistic Nutritionist

Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

Personal Trainer

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