Dietitian and Nutritionist Consultation

Free Dietitian and Nutritionist Consultation

Discover more about the free, no-obligation dietitian and nutritionist consultation at JM Nutrition. Please read carefully.

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Information About the Free Consultation

✓  Up to 30 minutes in length.

✓  Conducted by phone (you will receive a phone call from JM Nutrition).

✓  Completely free and no obligation.

Do You Require Immediate Booking?

Pressed for time, require immediate booking and want to skip the free consultation?

If you’re pressed for time and require a relatively immediate booking, we strongly advise to omit the free consultation and contact us directly to book the appointment. This is especially important during busy times of the year when our dietitians and nutritionist are in high demand.

What to Expect During a Free Dietitian and Nutritionist Consultation?

During the free, no-obligation dietitian and nutritionist consultations, we can address a variety of topics and concerns.

Discuss your challenges, as well as your nutritional and health goal(s) and need(s).

Outline how the booking process works.

Provide information about health insurance coverage for a dietitian and nutritionist.

Explain how billing and invoicing works, if needed.

Provide information about the accepted methods of payment.

Discuss which nutritional counselling package and pricing point may the most suitable for your specific needs, if desired.

Outline how virtual counselling with a dietitian and nutritionist works (video-conferencing platforms, meeting link set-up etc.).

Help you select the most suitable nutritional practitioner for your unique needs and goals, if requested.

Learn more about JM Nutrition, our services, practitioners etc.

✓  Outline our cancellation policy of initial sessions and re-booking fees, if desired.

✓  Answer any other questions you may have.

Why do we offer a free consultation?

A free consultation allows us to discover more about you and your specific needs, while giving us the opportunity to answer any questions and address concerns. We’ve discovered that this is an effective way to ensure our service meets your needs.

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