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Nutrition, Health and Wellness Seminars

Our team of facilitators conduct nutrition, health and wellness seminars on engaging and popular topics in corporate and non-corporate scenarios.

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Popular Health, Wellness & Nutrition Seminar Topics

Our practitioners take part in seminars and speaking engagements on a wide variety of topics. Below you will find some of the more popular ones. If a topic you’re looking for is not on the list, please contact us to see if we can accommodate.

  • boost energy during the workday
  • stress management through nutrition
  • how to eat and stay healthy in today’s world (working from home, office or hybrid)
  • coping with cravings and emotional eating
  • nutrition and chronic disease connection
  • strategies to save money on groceries
  • nutrition myths and facts
  • fad, diets and trends
  • gut health 101
  • metabolism 101
  • meal planning and prepping
  • how to create a healthy food environment (home, work et al.)
  • diet and exercise connection
  • all about plant-based eating

Companies & Institutions We Have Worked With

JM Nutrition has delivered nutrition, health and wellness seminars for a large number of companies and institutions, primarily in Canada and the United States, but also in Europe and Asia.

Corporate and Workplace Wellness Companies JM Nutrition Works With

What is a Health, Wellness & Nutrition Seminar?

Is a nutrition seminar or health and wellness seminar right for you?

Typically, a nutrition seminar is a lecture-like discussion on a variety of nutrition, health, wellness, fitness and physical exercise topics.

In addition, health, wellness and nutrition seminars are delivered in a group-setting where the presentation and the discussion is usually steered by the presenters. As a result, there is less audience interaction in a nutrition seminar when compared with a nutrition workshop or lunch and learn.

Furthermore, seminars may include a number of speakers, each with a certain area of expertise.

For example, we have practitioners who specialize in sports nutrition and physical exercise, digestive health, disordered eating, weight management and so on.


Corporate Health, Wellness & Nutrition Seminars: Virtual

Our facilitators take part in the mentioned seminars by virtual means only, at least at this time.

Using video-conferencing platforms to deliver virtual seminars is a safe and convenient way for all organizers and participants to meet and discuss.

A seminar format is not what you’re looking for? Try these popular formats instead:

About Our Health, Wellness & Nutrition Seminars

  • Seminars we take part in

    • ✓  nutrition seminars

    • ✓  health and wellness seminars

    • ✓  physical exercise & fitness seminars

    • ✓  virtual seminars

Facts About Our Nutrition Seminars

Customized to your needs, goals & desired topics

Based on current & evidence-based information

Delivered by experts in the fields of nutrition & exercise

Insightful, informative & educational

Supported by striking visuals

Delivered by knowledgeable & passionate speakers

Please inquire about our corporate nutrition, health and wellness seminar fees

Nutrition Seminar: How It Works

Choose the delivery method

One, choose the delivery method of the seminar.

We conduct on-site and virtual nutrition seminars, as well as hybrid presentations, where we present to the audience on-site while broadcasting the presentation to those working remotely. This facilitates participation from home.

Select the duration

Two, select the duration of the seminar or speaking engagement. We offer customized seminars and speaking engagement appearances.

Decide on the topic(s)

Three, decide what topic(s) you would like our presenters to discuss during the seminar.

You can simply select one topic to be the focus of the entire seminar or speaking engagement or a combination of a few topics. The choice is yours.

Determine the frequency

Four, determine if you’d like to book a one-time seminar appearance or a series of them to address a variety of topics in greater depth.

Please note: We offer reduced pricing for multiple appearances.

Select a date and time

Five, select a date and time for your seminar or speaking engagement.

We request at least 1 week advanced notice for all bookings.

Inform us of any other requests

If you have any other special requests particular to your company, organization or institution, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

More On Virtual Health, Wellness & Nutrition Seminars

JM Nutrition offers virtual nutrition, health and wellness seminars to companies and institutions of all sizes across the English-speaking world. We have taken part in events in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and more.

Please note: For booking purposes, we are located in the Easter Standard Time zone.

Video-conferencing platforms we use:

For your convenience, at JM Nutrition we use the following video-conferencing platforms: Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet & Skype.

Our Team of Presenters

The JM Nutrition team of presenters consists of experienced and diverse nutrition, health and wellness professionals including:

Registered Nutritionists

Registered Dietitians

Sports Nutritionists & Dietitians

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Holistic Nutritionist

Any questions about our health, wellness & nutrition seminars? Get in touch with us.

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