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Weight Loss Program in Toronto & Beyond

Weight Loss Counselling, Weight Loss Meal Plans & Weight Loss Nutritionists & Dietitians

Discover why our clients recommend our weight loss program in Toronto with our weight loss nutritionists & dietitians

In-Person: Weight Loss Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough

At JM Nutrition we offer in-person weight loss counselling and our weight loss program in Toronto (Midtown & Scarborough) and Mississauga

Virtual: Access Our Weight Loss Program From Anywhere

We conduct weight loss counselling and our weight loss program virtually. Our clients come from across Ontario, the rest of Canada, the United States, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Middle East and Africa.

Our Weight Loss Program Is Available On

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Weight Loss Program That Works

Weight Loss in Toronto & Beyond

JM Nutrition has offered a highly successful weight loss program in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area and beyond for well over 15+ years.

Our team of weight loss nutritionists, dietitians and exercise physiologists have helped thousands of clients with healthy, sustainable weight loss. 

No deprivation. No starvation. No pills. No gimmicks.

Just a high success rate.

Our Weight Loss Program



Highly Personalized

Structured But Flexible



Consisting of foods you enjoy




Suitable for your lifestyle

Designed for your budget

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Weight Loss Program: Who Can Benefit?

✓  men & women

✓  young adults, the middle aged and seniors

✓  couples & families

✓  people from various ethnic, cultural, religious & socio-economic backgrounds

✓  students

✓  new & expectant mothers

✓  people who are simply fed up with fad diets

✓  those who want to stop yo-yo dieting

✓  men & women who want to learn new, healthy & lifelong eating habits

✓  people who seek an experienced nutrition & weight loss expert for guidance

✓  those who need to lose weight as part of illness or disease management

✓  anyone who wants to lose weight, be it 10 pounds or 100

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What clients typically experience after our weight loss program counselling sessions

Lighter due to weight loss

Less tired & more energized

More restful sleep

Improved digestion

Greater confidence

Relieved stress

Improved mood

More stamina during workouts

Greater ability to manage & resist cravings

More positive body image

Enhanced vitality

Reduced back pain

Less joint pain

Healthier skin

Better hormonal balance

Higher sex drive

Why The JM Nutrition Weight Loss Program?

15+ years of experience

Specialized training & weight loss expertise

Personalized counselling & meal plans

Nutrition specialists

Exceptional client service & reviews

Realistic, flexible & supportive weight loss approach

Covered by many insurance plans

A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau

Special pricing for Venngo members

High weight loss success rate

Convenience of 4 Greater Toronto Area locations

Weight loss counselling conducted in person or virtually

What Clients Say About Our Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program Toronto Team

Weight Loss Program Toronto & Virtual Team

Our team of weight loss specialists are more than just weight loss coaches.

In fact, our practitioners have specialized training in weight management and weight loss as well as years of experience in helping clients lose weight and keep it off. 

At JM Nutrition you will find the following practioners:

  • Registered Nutritionist
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Nutritional Therapist, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
  • Sports Nutritionist, Sports Dietitian
  • Exercise Physiologist*
  • Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Nutritional Practitioner

*As an added and unique bonus, at JM Nutrition you can receive counselling by our sports nutritionist and exercise physiologist, Terence Boateng, to support your weight loss program in Toronto or virtually, to ensure you get the most out of it. Doing so can maximize the chances of weight loss success.

Weight Loss Nutritionists, Weight Loss Dietitians & More

Lyndsay Hall, Registered Dietitian, BASc, RD

Vanessa Phillips, Nutritional Therapist, BSc, MSc

Terence Boateng, Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, BASc, BSc, RD, CSEP-CEP, MHSc

Julie Mancuso, Registered Nutritionist & Owner, BA, RHN

Nathalie Brusch, Holistic Nutritionist, BASc, CNP

Nataly Georgieva, Registered Dietitian, RD, MScFN

Weight Loss Program: How Does It Work?

We look at weight loss and its many factors. Learn more.

When working with you on your weight loss goals, our weight loss dietitians and nutritionists look at your health history, family, ethnic and cultural background, food sensitivities, food preferences, type of lifestyle, budget, religious restrictions, exercise, goals, medication, hormones, emotional health, habits, etc. 

In addition, we thoroughly explore the underlying reasons why people gain weight and common weight loss obstacles. The educational component pertaining to weight loss is vital to success and highly valued by our clients.

It’s one of the main reasons why the weight loss program works.

Why we personalize and create weight loss meal plans. Learn more.

Personalized Weight Loss Program in Toronto & Virtual

Because people are different, we personalize the weight loss program to meet your specific needs and goals. 

Weight Loss Meal Plans

Furthermore, we co-create personalized weight loss meal plans to replace random, unplanned, impulsive food selections with a structured but flexible weight loss meal plan that is based on your food preferences, budget, lifestyle, sensitivities, etc.

Structure takes the guesswork out of food selections, removing the need for you to make decisions in your most vulnerable moments.

Forming an integral part of the weight loss  program, these healthy weight loss meal plans are simple enough to fit in your particular lifestyle, but specific enough to remove uncertainty and indecision. 

What’s more, the weight loss meal plans will offer enough food variety and recipes to avoid boredom, but enough predictability so as to limit the opportunities where you’re stimulated by unhealthy temptations which, over time, can contribute to weight gain or sabotage weight loss. 

When you establish new patterns and make healthier food selections, you can reintroduce some of your old favourites from time to time to avoid feeling total deprivation.

The weight loss plans will also indicate the appropriate quantities of each food: servings sizes, portions and proportions–an area where most people fall short, which often leads to unsuspecting weight gain. In addition, they will be accompanied by helpful resources such as:

  • how to read a nutrition label
  • identifying carbs & how many you should be eating
  • healthy eating tips
  • weight loss tips
  • making healthier alcohol selections guidelines
  • how to break old habits and develop new ones
  • strategies for dealing with food triggers that often lead to cravings
  • and more

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to weight management & weight loss. Learn more.

Weight Loss Tips & Strategies

As part of your weight loss program, you will also receive countless practical tips and strategies to lose weight. Many of these have been obtained through years of experience of the thousands of clients who came before you. 

Others have been acquired via consultations with other medical professionals and health practitioners. 

While others still, have been discovered through extensive research and reading the experts in the field of nutrition and weight loss. You can certainly be sure that the weight loss strategies are tried and tested, allowing for a high weight loss success rate. 

Moreover, these weight loss tips and guidelines are an indirect support system that can help to navigate tricky situations without compelling you to do the legwork yourself. Many of our clients regularly use them as guidelines in their daily lives. 

Evidence-Based, Science-Backed Weight Loss

Last, our weight loss nutritionists and weight loss dietitians use the latest evidence-based and science-backed information in helping you lose weight. 

We help to change behaviour. Learn more.

Exploring individual behaviour patterns also plays a large part in weight loss that is sustainable and long-lasting. A successful weight loss program must address this crucial component.

For this reason, we focus on changing firmly-established behaviours and bad habits which often undo much of the good work when you’re trying to manage or lose weight.

What’s more, we equip our weight loss clients with an arsenal of strategies to help form new behaviours that ultimately lead to greater resistance to unhealthy temptations and healthier food choices.

During the weight loss counselling sessions, we look at triggers that lead to stress or emotional eating, and provide specific ways to combat them. These practical tips and tools are invaluable for many of our clients.

All along the weight loss process we provide ongoing support by trained and highly qualified professionals who understand the challenges that come with making significant changes to your eating habits during your weight loss journey while holding you accountable.

Contact us for a no obligation consultation during which we can:

✓  outline how the weight loss process works

✓  discuss your weight loss goal(s)

✓  explain how billing and pricing work

✓  address concerns about insurance

✓  answer any other questions

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