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JM Nutrition provides nutritional counselling services by leading registered dietitians and nutritionists in Toronto, who continue to receive high praise from clients for thorough, personalized and supportive diet counselling.

Although we provide nutrition services to clients from our main office location in Downtown Toronto, just south of Midtown, our clients come from across Toronto, including Etobicoke and North York.

Our Toronto Dietitians & Nutritionists

As a nutrition clinic, we offer the nutritional counselling services of a team of leading, experienced nutritionists and registered dietitians in Toronto, each with unique areas of training and specialization, allowing them to address a wide variety of individualized client needs.

Discover more about our registered dietitians’ and nutritionists’ specific nutrition services, areas of specialization, their bios and videos about their services and approach.

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Popular Nutrition Services of Toronto Dietitian & Nutritionist

Weight Management

For 15+ years, our nutritionists and registered dietitians in Toronto, have been helping clients from all walks of life lose weight and keep it off. In fact, our practitioners specialize in healthy, realistic and sustainable weight loss.

The weight loss program has been crafted, tweaked and refined over many years. Our team, which includes registered dietitians, certified nutritionist and other health practitioners, uses a highly personalized weight loss counselling approach to maximize the chances of success.

Learn more about weight loss counselling by nutritionists & dietitians.

Personalized Meal Plans & Guides

Many of our clients also seek our nutrition services to help them create personalized healthy meal plans. The meal plans are specifically designed to provide guidance and eliminate guesswork. They also provide structure to daily eating habits, eliminating impulsive behaviour.

In addition, the meal plans are based on your specific goals, food preferences, sensitivities, lifestyle, cultural and religious restrictions, and of course, your budget.

Discover more about meal planning.


In addition, some clients regularly seek the assistance of our Toronto dietitians and nutritionists to help manage various digestive problems and conditions.

Learn more about nutritionist & dietitian for digestive health.

Disease Prevention & Management

Our practitioners, particularly our registered dietitian, have specialized training and vast experience in helping clients of all ages, including seniors, manage various chronic diseases.

Learn about chronic disease support.

Women’s Health

Women of all ages also enlist the help of our nutritional counsellors to help them manage health-related concerns and conditions particular to women. These include:

Learn more about nutritionist & dietitian for women.

Fitness & Sports Nutrition

At our nutrition and dietitian clinic, you can also engage the services of sports nutritionists and registered dietitians, qualified to help gym-goers, athletes and sports teams with the following:

Learn about sports nutritionist.

Various Diets

Rest assured that our team of nutrition consultants is very well-equipped to assist anyone interested in helping them establish and follow various diets, ensuring they are nutritionally-balanced. We offer:

Irregular Eating Behaviours

We also offer the services of downtown Toronto dietitians who focus on helping clients of all ages manage unhealthy, irregular and disordered eating patterns, as well as eating disorders.  These include:

  • Frequent, on-and-off dieting
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Anxiety, guilt and shame that centres around food and eating
  • Compulsive habits and obsessing about food
  • Binge eating support, Anorexia, Bulimia, ARFID
  • Eating to cope with emotions and feelings
  • Recovery from eating disorders
  • Orthorexia

Discover more about eating disorder & disordered eating support.

Pediatric Nutrition

What’s more, you can join any of our clients and engage our services for pediatric nutrition for toddlers, young children and teenagers. Improved eating habits can result in:

  • Lifelong healthy eating habits
  • Lowered risk of disease
  • Healthy weight
  • Better mood
  • Higher energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Better skin health
  • Improved fitness
  • And a generally more positive outlook on life

Learn more about children’s nutritionist services.

Development of Positive Eating Habits

At times, clients take part in nutritional counselling sessions to simply improve their over all eating habits. Our practitioners can:

  • Help tweak or clean up your diet
  • Dispel myths, clarify misconceptions & answer questions
  • Provide evidence-based information & education
  • Suggest healthier food product substitutions
  • Give practical tips and strategies
  • Provide support, coaching & accountability
  • Make various recommendations
  • Equip you with some new, simple recipes
  • And more

Workplace Wellness

Our team of facilitators conducts a variety of corporate and workplace wellness sessions:

Why work with JM Nutrition registered dietitians and nutritionists?

Information About Our Toronto Office



Our main office is located in Downtown Toronto, south of Midtown Toronto and Rosedale, at the corner of Bloor St E and Sherbourne St.

We are located in the Rosedale Medical Centre Building.

600 Sherbourne Street
Suite 404,
Toronto, ON M4X 1W4
Phone: 4164513573

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For your convenience, this office is open 3 days per week for on-site, in-person nutritional counselling appointments.

Monday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


For your convenience, a paid parking lot is available behind the building. Paid street parking may also be available on nearby side streets.


Nearest Subway Station

If you’re looking for a nutritionist or dietitian in downtown Toronto, we’re just a short subway ride away.

Sherbourne subway station is just across the street.

JM Nutrition Toronto Dietitian & Nutritionist Office Photos

JM Nutrition Downtown Toronto Office Building

Toronto Office Building Exterior

JM Nutrition Downtown Toronto Office Building Exterior Entrance

Toronto Office Building Entrance

JM Nutrition Downtown Toronto Office Waiting Room Interior

Office Waiting Area

JM Nutrition Downtown Toronto Dietitian and Nutritionist Office Reception Area

Office Reception Area

Inside the JM Nutrition downtown Toronto dietitian and nutritionist office

Inside the Toronto Office

Take a look at more photos of our office location and our Toronto dietitians:

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Virtual Nutritional Counselling Available

For your convenience, health and safety, all of our practitioners, including downtown Toronto dietitians and nutritionists offer virtual nutritional counselling sessions, so you can still access their services remotely. Rest assured that you will receive nutritional counselling of the highest calibre.

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