JM Nutrition: Toronto Nutritionist | Weight Loss, Meal Plans and More
Leading Toronto nutritionist and weight loss expert receives high praise from customers for the success rate of her personalized programs. Learn more.
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JM Nutrition

At JM Nutrition we combine the best, most effective elements of various diets into unique, comprehensive packaged programs that are attainable and sustainable in the long-term, and designed to make sure you reach your goals in a healthy way, without being deprived of essential nutrients.

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Quick Facts

15+ years of experience

1000s of customers served

5-star customer satisfaction

3 locations


You will find the packaged programs structured but flexible, holistic but realistic, and detail-oriented but broad in scope.

You will have a leading Toronto nutritionist help you make sense out of the nutritional information overload, pinpointing exactly where adjustments are needed, helping you to get to the root of the problem.

You will become more informed about food choices, triggers, food portions and proportions, as well as cravings—all major contributing factors to weight gain and digestive problems.

Along the way to optimum nutrition you will receive valuable guidance, support and coaching to avoid common pitfalls.

You will pick up strategies to navigate compromising situations such as parties, business trips and eating out at restaurants.

And most importantly, you will receive accountability—often the difference between success and failure—while you’re making your adjustments to your eating habits, giving you the best opportunity to reach your nutrition goals.

If you can spare a few hours over the course of several weeks, and recapture your best self or find the new you, make the smart choice, get in touch with JM Nutrition, and let an experienced Toronto nutritionist help you make an investment in yourself, your family and your future. You will be glad you did.

Packages & Pricing

Personalized packaged programs with meal plans expertly designed to meet your individual and specific nutrition goals.

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Workshops & Seminars

JM Nutrition offers a wide array of nutrition workshops and seminars to suit the needs of individuals and companies alike.

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Online Counseling

You can now take advantage of JM Nutrition’s services no matter where you live. Read more about online nutrition counseling.

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