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Personalized Nutritional Counselling by Nutritionist & Registered Dietitian in Canada Conducted In-Person & Virtually

For 15+ years we have offered nutritional counselling services of a leading registered nutritionist & registered dietitian in Canada. Our nutritional counsellors service individuals, couples, families, children, athletes, companies, institutions and organizations, continuing to receive wonderful feedback from many clients for helping them reach their individualized goals and health needs. 

Registered dietitian and nutritionist Canada JM Nutrition

Gain Access To A Canadian Nutritionist & Registered Dietitian With Specialized Training

Because one person cannot simply do it all, we offer nutrition services of various practitioners.

Select the dietitian and nutritionist with an area of expertise that suits your specific needs and goals

Each registered dietitian and nutritionist has their own specific areas of training and specialization. As a result, we can maximize the chances of meeting your exact needs, goals and preferences. This is something that our clients continue to appreciate and value.

Our practitioners work with clients from diverse backgrounds and foods from across the world.

Our registered dietitians and nutritionists come highly recommended by our clients for their diligent, thorough and personalized care. Find out why:

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Our Dietitians & Nutritionists In The Press

We deliver high-quality nutrition counselling sessions by top nutritionists and registered dietitians in Canada.

Our team regularly appears in national and international media, lending expertise on many health, nutrition, wellness and fitness topics.

JM Nutrition Dietitians and Nutritionists In the Press

Quick Facts About Our Nutritionist & Dietitian Service

15+ years of experience

1000s of clients served

5-star client satisfaction

8  locations

10 provinces

3 territories

Why Work With Our Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian in Canada

One Of The Leading Nutrition Clinics

JM Nutrition has been one of the leading nutritionist and dietitian services in Canada for 15+ years.

Vast Experience & Expertise

Our team has specialized training in numerous areas and many years of experience, delivering nutrition programs of the highest quality.

Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist in Canada

Although most of our practitioners at our nutrition clinic are dietitians, you can also access nutritionist services. This is unique in the field.

Tailored, Realistic & Flexible Approach

We use a real-life approach to nutritional counselling. Our practitioners cater to your individualized needs, goal(s), food preferences, budget, lifestyle, cultural and religious restrictions and more.

Outstanding Client Feedback

Our nutritionist and registered dietitian team receives high praise from clients for exceptional client service and support throughout the process.

Recommended By Doctors

Even though we are a private practice service, we are trusted by many doctors, who often refer us to their patients.


Given the incredible value and expertise our clients receive, our services are affordably priced, appealing to all budgets.

Covered By Many Insurance Plans

Although we are not covered by provincial insurance, many extended healthcare benefits offer coverage for a registered dietitian or registered dietitians. Learn more about insurance coverage.

Locations & Provinces

For your convenience, we service clients on-site for in-person appointments from 8 locations in Canada, as well as virtually to all provinces and territories in Canada. Learn more

A+ Rating = Trust

In addition, we are a business you can trust. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Reduced Pricing

To help you save money, we are partnered with Venngo, Canada’s leading provider of corporate discounts. This allows us to offer members special pricing through the MemberPerks program. Do I qualify for a Venngo reduced pricing?

Where To Find Out Nutritionist and Dietitian in Canada

Our Dietitians and Nutritionists Also Service Other Canadian Provinces & Territories

Benefits Of Working With Our Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian in Canada

✓  Receive thorough & supportive diet counselling sessions by licensed nutritionist and registered dietitian.

✓  Discover what it feels like to have a personal nutritionist at your disposal to answer any questions with science-backed information.

✓  Have your diet analyzed by food & nutrition experts to pinpoint where adjustments are needed.

✓  Enjoy a personalized meal plan or nutrition program created just for you.

✓  Receive a program that teaches about nutrition facts label, correct serving sizes & food portions, how to cope with cravings & more.

✓  Acquire practical tips for eating healthy when working remotely or for a busy lifestyle.

✓  Collect tips & ideas for simple, healthy snacks & meals that you can bring to work.

✓  Uncover strategies to help you eat healthy when travelling or on-the-go.

✓  Get professional advice on the best pre- and post-workout meals & snacks.

✓  Receive advice on how to select healthier food options at restaurants & when ordering take-out food.

✓  Obtain suggestions for healthier food substitutions & recipes.

✓  Receive guidance, coaching & accountability. Avoid common pitfalls, manage challenging situations, change self-defeating behaviour and grow confidence.

Most Popular Nutritionist & Dietitian Services

Weight Management

For 15+ years, our practitioners have been helping thousands of diverse clients with weight management. Learn more: weight loss dietitians & nutritionists.

Personalized Meal Planning

In most cases, our practitioners create personalized meal plans or meal guides to help meet your goal(s) and need(s).

Digestive Health Support

We also offer nutritional counselling for various gastrointestinal conditions.

Also visit: Digestive health dietitian

Women’s Health Dietitian

What’s more, some of our dietitians and nutritionists help address women’s health and nutrition concerns.

Also visit: Women’s health dietitian

Various Diets

Moreover, we offer nutritional counselling for those looking to establish and follow various diets, ensuring they are nutritionally-balanced.

 Children’s Dietitian

What’s more, you can join any of our clients and engage our services for paediatric nutrition.

Irregular Eating Behaviours

At JM Nutrition you can also receive care and support to help manage irregular eating behaviour

Also visit: eating disorder dietitian

Development of Healthy Eating Habits

At times, clients take part in nutritional counselling sessions with a registered dietitian or nutritionist to simply improve their over all eating habits. Our practitioners can:

  • help tweak or clean up your diet
  • dispel myths, clarify misconceptions & answer questions
  • provide evidence-based information & education
  • suggest healthier food product substitutions
  • give practical tips and strategies
  • provide support, coaching & accountability
  • make various recommendations
  • equip you with some new, simple recipes

Senior Nutrition Services

Receive nutritional counselling from a nutritionist and dietitian for seniors to help navigate age-related changes and manage various nutritional needs of older adults.

Brain & Mental  Health Nutrition

At our nutrition clinic you can work with a dietitian and nutritionist for mental health as well as brain health. Dietitian and nutritionist for ADHD, dietitian for depression, anxiety, headaches, chronic fatigue, stress, sleep, eye health nutrition and more.

Skin Health

Contact us for a no-obligation phone consultation during which we can:

✓  outline how the process works

✓  discuss your goal(s)

✓  explain how billing and pricing work

✓  address concerns about insurance

✓  answer any other questions

Did you know that our nutritionist and dietitian team conducts a wide variety of workplace wellness nutrition seminars, nutrition workshops, corporate lunch and learn presentations, presentations for sports teams and clubs and more?

Our Clients

Our registered dietitians and nutritionists in Canada work with clients form all walks of life:

  • men
  • women
  • non-binary persons
  • professionals (doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers)
  • executives
  • blue & white collar workers
  • new and expectant mothers
  • students
  • children
  • teenagers
  • older adults
  • couples
  • whole families
  • people from various ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • athletes (recreational, competitive, professional)
  • gym-goers
  • sports teams and clubs
  • companies, large and small
  • organizations and government institutions
  • schools

How much does it cost to work with a nutritionist or dietitian in Canada?