Dietitian & Nutritionist Calgary

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Calgary

Registered dietitian and nutritionist in Calgary offers a wide range of personalized nutritional counselling services to help meet your nutrition, health and wellness needs. Book your free consultation today.

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Calgary

Dietitians & Nutritionists with Specialized Training & Expertise

At JM Nutrition you have access to a group of registered dietitians and nutritionist, each with specific areas of training, expertise and years of experience.

Our Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists in Calgary

Registered Pediatric Dietitian Jordan Thompson JM Nutrition

Registered Dietitian Calgary, Jordan Thompson

Member of the College of Dietitians of Alberta

A resident of Calgary, Jordan provides nutritional counselling for:

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Also Servicing Calgary

Registered Dietitian Alana Haggerty JM Nutrition

Registered Dietitian, Alana Haggerty

Member of the College of Dietitians of Alberta

Provides nutritional counselling for:

  • Weight management (including both weight loss or weight gain) 
  • Dietitian for liver disease: MASLD (NAFLD), NASH, cirrhosis, other
  • Chronic disease management – dietitian for type 2 diabetes, dietary management of cholesterol, blood pressure management, et al.
  • Digestive support for IBS
  • Help minimize nutritional deficiencies
  • Dietitian for eating disorders & disordered eating:
    • Nutrition counselling for Anorexia and support for Bulimia.
    • Restricting and binge eating support of a deititian and nutritionist.
    • Preoccupation of calorie counting and/or food tracking.
    • Achieve a healthy body weight and take pre-occupation off of weight.
    • Help improve your relationship with food and body image.
    • Eliminate diet culture and create a healthy relationship with food.
    • Learn how to support your needs and adequately fuel for your athletic training demands.
    • Work towards achieving a healthy weight and taking some of the preoccupation off of weight, particularly in sport.
    • Learn to fuel according to your individualized requirements.
    • Help achieve balanced eating and basic nutrition principals.
  • Nutritionist for sports & fitness:
    • Fitness and sports nutrition for athletes age 14+.
    • Learn how to confidently fuel your body and run strong.
    • Individualized nutrition requirements to fuel your body in alignment with your training regime and specific goals.
    • Specific nutrition recommendations for before, during, and after runs to optimize athletic performance and aid in recovery.
    • Discover how to carbohydrate load prior to your next half or full marathon.
    • Optimize your fluid intake: Learn how to appropriately replace your electrolytes and fluid loss using calculations based on your individualized sweat loss rate.
    • Provide guidance while you experiment with various gels, gu’s, sports drinks and electrolyte replacements and learn what works best for you.
    • Learn the principles to set the foundation for training for your next race and for the overall goal of long-term running health.
    • Learn how to adequately fuel to prevent exhaustion, injury and burnout.
    • Nutrition strategies during both on- and off- season, aligned with goals of each.
    • Evidence-based guidance surrounding various sport nutrition supplements and appropriate usage/dosing. 
    • Eliminate diet culture and fuel according to your specific athletic needs.
    • Nutritional counselling for running events (track events, marathon events, et al.) Learn more: Nutritionist for running, cycling and marathons.
    • Assist with off-season nutrition goals including focusing on body composition.
    • Body composition: reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass. Learn more: Strength training diet support
    • Assist endurance runners with building LEAN body mass.
    • Nutrition programming for building muscle, strength and power.

In addition to being a registered dietitian and nutritionist in Alberta, Alana is also a registered dietitian in Saskatchewan, servicing clients virtually.

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JM Nutrition offers the services of registered nutritionists and dietitians who regularly appear in local, regional national and international media as expert nutrition sources. As such, our clients are in the safe hands of experts in the field of nutrition.

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Learn more about Jordan & Alana, our Calgary dietitians and nutritionists:

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