Peptic Ulcers Support

Dietitian and Nutritionist For Peptic Ulcers

Our registered dietitian and nutritionist for peptic ulcers provides nutritional counselling sessions and a personalized meal plan to help reduce the associated symptoms and other co-existing conditions. 

Dietitian and Nutritionist For Peptic Ulcers

What Can A Nutritionist & Dietitian For Peptic Ulcers Do to Help

Our registered dietitian and nutritionist for peptic ulcers nutrition can help clients in a variety of ways:

Throughly assess your current diet to see what foods you consume so as to be able to provide helpful tips and make adjustments.

Provide an educational component pertaining to peptic ulcers nutrition, symptoms, causes, treatment and management strategies.

✓  Provide a list of foods you should reduce and limit going forward to help reduce the unpleasant symptoms. (Examples: spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine).

Ensure you consume fibre-rich foods, especially those that contain soluble fibre, on a regular basis. (Examples: fruit, vegetables, oatmeal, nuts, legumes et al.).

Co-create a personalized meal plan aimed at outlining the protocol, meal and snack ideas, as well as additional guidelines and tips.

Discuss with a dietitian for peptic ulcers, the use of probiotics, if desired.

Help you keep track of the foods you’re eating and how they make you feel.

Conduct nutritional counselling sessions to tweak the meal plan for peptic ulcers.

Help address co-existing conditions.

Work in conjunction with other health practitioners.

And more.

Peptic Ulcers Related Services

Appointments with Dietitian & Nutritionist For Peptic Ulcers

We offer in-person services for the management of peptic ulcers with a dietitian and nutritionist in Ontario from 6 locations, with the main office: dietitian and nutritionist Toronto, as well as with a registered dietitian in Halifax and dietitian Vancouver.

We also offer services with our dietitians and nutritionists virtually.

Contact us for a no-obligation phone consultation during which we can:

✓  outline how the process looks like

✓  discuss your goals and concerns 

✓  explain how billing and pricing work

✓  address concerns about insurance, if any

✓  answer any other questions

What are the fees associated with a dietitian and nutritionist?