High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Dietitian & Nutritionist For High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Work with a registered dietitian and nutritionist for high blood pressure and become equipped with strategies and a personalized meal plan to reduce hypertension and co-existing conditions. 

Registered dietitian and nutritionist for high blood pressure (hypertension)

 Can a Dietitian and Nutritionist Help with High Blood Pressure?


Yes, a registered dietitian can help manage high blood pressure by assessing your diet and creating a custom meal plan to reduce hypertension.

How Can A Dietitian and Nutritionist Help with High Blood Pressure?


As a regulated health professional with specialized training and expertise, a registered dietitian and nutritionist can help manage high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, in the following ways:

✓  Receive education pertaining to hypertension and ways you can reduce high blood pressure through nutritional and lifestyle interventions, if necessary or desired.

✓  Inform you about the many risk factors associated with high blood pressure, if necessary or desired. 

✓  Thoroughly assess your diet and lifestyle, and make recommendations for improvement, with blood pressure in mind. 

Outline what foods are lower in sodium, while providing a list of those that are high. 

Offer strategies to reduce sodium intake, such as reading food labels, cooking techniques, and choosing low-sodium alternatives.

✓  Help introduce more vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and so on, to your diet.

✓  Receive a personalized hypertension meal plan.

✓  Obtain recipes for lower blood pressure.

✓  Provide resources and support on managing hypertension.

✓  Provide individualized support and accountability as you make diet and lifestyle changes.

✓  Address any misconceptions or myths surrounding diet and hypertension.

✓  Conduct regular follow-up appointments to track progress, provide ongoing education, and make adjustments to your plan as needed.

✓  Work in conjunction with your medical doctor and other health practitioners.

Help address other dietary conditions and manage chronic disease.

Have any questions answered pertaining to hypertension or other health concerns by a registered dietitian for high blood pressure.

✓  Provide counselling by a dietitian and nutritionist for weight loss.

✓  Have the opportunity to work with a sports nutrition dietitian or personal trainer-nutritionist for guidance around physical activity. You can also align your meal plan with a personalized exercise plan.

✓  Work with a dietitian for disordered eating to help manage behaviours (craving, stress & emotional eating) that can sabotage positive change.

And more.

About Our Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist For Hypertension

In-Person Appointments with Dietitian for High Blood Pressure

You can book in-person appointments with a dietitian and nutritionist for high blood pressure at the following JM Nutrition office locations. Main location: Dietitian and Nutritionist Toronto

Contact us for a no-obligation phone consultation during which we can:

✓  outline how the process looks like

✓  discuss your goals and concerns 

✓  explain how billing and pricing work

✓  address concerns about insurance, if any

✓  answer any other questions

Virtual Support for Hypertension Management

You can also seek the counsel of our dietitian and nutritionist for high blood pressure and co-existing conditions virtually, using the phone or video-conferencing.

For more information visit the pages below.

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West coast:

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Saskatchewan: dietitian Saskatoon, dietitian Regina

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Learn more about virtual nutritional counselling: Online appointments

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