Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Saskatchewan

Registered dietitian and nutritionist in Saskatchewan conducts nutritional counselling and coaching sessions for a variety of health concerns such as weight loss, chronic disease management, sports nutrition, eating disorders and more. Schedule free consultation.

Registered dietitian and nutritionist Saskatchewan

Service Areas

Our registered dietitian and nutritionist in Saskatchewan services the entire province.

Our Saskatchewan Dietitians and Nutritionists

Our registered dietitians and nutritionists in Saskatchewan:

Sheila Shumay, Registered dietitian

Alana Haggerty, Registered dietitian and sports nutritionist

For more specific information on the services offered by each nutritional practitioner visit:

Registered dietitian Saskatoon and dietitian Regina.

Our Registered Nutritionists & Dietitians Have Been Seen In

Our nutritionists and registered dietitians regularly appear in the media as expert nutrition sources.

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Dietitian and Nutritionist Available For Virtual Counselling

At the present time, our Saskatchewan dietitian and sports nutritionist offers virtual nutritional counselling only.

Rest assured, however, the virtual nutritional counselling sessions are just as effective, yet more convenient.

Learn more about sessions conducted by phone or using video-conferencing platforms: virtual nutrition counselling.

How much does it cost to work with a nutritionist and dietitian in Saskatchewan?

How does health insurance coverage work for a nutritionist or registered dietitian?

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