Functional Nutritionist

Functional Nutritionist and Dietitian: Integrative Nutrition

Our functional nutritionist and dietitian can help you achieve balance, restore health & well-being using an integrative nutrition approach.

Functional Nutritionist and dietitian using functional nutrition approach with client

What is functional nutrition? 

Functional Nutrition: Integrative Approach

The Functional Nutrition approach derives from Functional Medicine–a method that “determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.” (The Institute For Functional Medicine)

Simply put, Functional Nutrition is a framework whereby the client (or patient) works closely together with the integrative nutrition practitioner, namely a functional nutritionist, to achieve optimum health through various nutritional interventions.

The key component of the approach is the focus on the person rather than the disease.


Functional nutrition is:


✓  fully personalized

✓  client-centred

✓  science-based

✓  concerned with biological systems

✓  involves the analysis of symptoms to address primary health problems

✓  centres around the root cause of dysfunction

✓  focused on prevention

✓  designed to correct imbalances

✓  includes an educational component

✓  may involve functional testing

What does a functional nutritionist and dietitian do?

Functional Nutrition: It Starts With High-Quality Food

A integrative nutritionist who uses the functional medicine approach effectively uses high quality, wholesome, nutritious foods, and takes an integrated approach, viewing the health and well-being of a person as a whole.


Functional Nutrition: Gut Health

Furthermore, a great deal of emphasis is placed on gut health.

Because much of our immune system is located in the gut, it is vital to ensure it functions properly to avoid inflammation, risk of infections, hormonal imbalances, various auto-immune diseases and much more.


Counselling Sessions with a Functional Nutritionist

During counselling and nutrition coaching sessions with a functional nutrition practitioner, each person is examined on an individual basis in an attempt to get to the cause of the given dysfunction(s).

To do so, the practitioner performs a comprehensive analysis of the person’s:


✓  health and family history

✓  medication and supplements

✓  previous medical testing

✓  eating habits (diet)

✓  lifestyle (stress, sleep, exercise)

✓  environment

✓  physical state

✓  mental state

✓  emotional state


Functional Nutrition Interventions:

1. Nutrition & lifestyle

Once the underlying causes of the given imbalance or dysfunction are determined, the practitioner uses a variety of highly personalized nutritional and lifestyle interventions to improve the overall health and well-being of men and women.

2. Personalized meal plan

Frequently, the nutritional interventions include the creation of a thorough, personalized meal plan based on the client’s food preferences, sensitivities, lifestyle, cultural or religious restrictions, and of course, budget.

3. Ongoing support & accountability

During the process of working with a Functional Nutritionist clients receive completely customized support, ongoing adjustments, specific recommendations, useful strategies and accountability.

Why Work With Our Functional Nutritionist and Dietitian?

Clients from all walks of life from the Toronto area and beyond enlist the help of our functional nutritionist for many reasons:

Individualized counselling with a focus on functional nutrition

Realistic, flexible & supportive approach throughout the process

Customized meal plans based on your goals, lifestyle & budget

Digestive health support

Weight management

Stress & adrenal fatigue management

Correction of hormonal imbalances via nutritional interventions & supplementation

Nutritional interventions for PCOS & other women's health issues

Blood sugar regulation

Natural supplementation advice & recommendations

Functional nutrition for athletes

Food intolerances, allergies & therapeutic diets

Skin health nutrition

Test requisitions & analyses

Referrals to other health practitioners (e.g., Naturopathic Doctor)

Valuable tips, guidelines, tools & resources

Exceptional client service

In-Person Appointments

You can book nutritional counselling sessions with our dietitian in Toronto.

Virtual Appointments

For your convenience we also conduct online appointments with a dietitian and nutritionist

How much does it cost to work with our integrative functional nutritionist and dietitian?