At-work corporate counseling and nutrition programs are proven to result in:

  • increased employee productivity, and therefore, company profit
  • enhanced employee engagement in daily work
  • alleviated stress
  • illness prevention, and therefore, fewer sick days
  • higher employee job satisfaction
  • sustained employee-employer loyalty

Julie Mancuso works with Toronto area companies large and small (such as Rycom, Marriott, Town Shoes, Travel Brands, Dentsply Sirona, et al.) who know that wellness means better business.

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Corporate Counseling at Rycom Inc.



As a nutritionist Julie can bring her corporate counseling and nutrition services, along with those of other health professionals, if necessary, to your office location in the Greater Toronto Area.

Employees can visit Julie for individual nutritional counseling and/or attend group sessions at the office for maximum efficiency.

Programs can be designed to meet the specific needs of your company’s employees.

They are realistic, practical, accessible, health-oriented, geared towards the budget of each company and designed to co-exist with the current employee support programs.

Julie offers dynamic, engaging, customized on-site nutrition counseling programs that aim to:

  • boost mood
  • increase energy
  • improve sleep
  • heighten focus
  • manage and reduce stress
  • help employees lose weight and prevent obesity
  • avert disease
  • enhance nutrition
  • elevate fitness levels
  • educate employees on health and nutrition
  • improve motivation

Healthy people equals healthy profits.

What are you waiting for?

Contact Julie and her team, and take the first step in bringing a meaningful nutrition and wellness program to your employees.