See what Julie’s customers are saying about working with her. For additional reviews and personal stories, please take a look at JM Nutrition Google Reviews.

“My job involves a lot of walking and there were times I would not be able to complete my work, because I was exhausted. Since losing 70 lbs, I have had no fatigue issues and I even started doing yoga!”

— John, Corporate Wellness Client

“I struggle with self-esteem issues since gaining extra weight. This program has helped me start to eat healthy at work and with my family. I now have more energy at the office and for leisure time.

— Sarah, Corporate Wellness Client

“I know that my success has been the fact that Julie has given me the tools to make a lifestyle change – not a “diet”, and I was never left feeling hungry. Julie also kept in contact with me by phone and e-mail to make sure I was still on track. Through her insight into my metabolism and eating behaviors, she has helped me reach my goal and beyond. I can’t thank Julie enough for finally releasing the slimmer woman trapped inside – I have never felt better about myself!”

— Colleen Welke

“I’ve been a client of Julie’s for years. I saw her before I had my children and immediately after, as I felt the help of a nutritionist was vital for a woman at these times. I am now 45 years old and in the best shape of my life!  I feel these results were made possible due to Julie’s guidance, support and education. If you’re serious about losing weight and becoming healthier, and if you are committed, as I was, then losing weight and feeling better is a certainty with her. Her vitamin recommendations have changed my life because they helped with some health issues I had. Now I feel much better. Throughout this time, Julie was never pushy and did not try to hard sell me her products or programs like I see so many others do. I check in with Julie on a regular basis for maintenance just so I don’t negate all the hard work and all those wonderful gains. Julie is also empathetic and allowed me to open up about all sorts of health issues, even the embarrassing ones. I think this comfort level and trust is very important. She truly loves her job and takes care of you.”

— Nancy Iannuzzi

“Julie gave me a healthy and easy way to take back the control over what I eat, when I eat it and why I eat it. ”

— Yvonne McTeague

“I had tried every fad diet that became popular from Weight Watchers to detox programs. If I started off losing 10 pounds I would usually gain it back and and then some. I was 46 years of age and at least 30+ pounds overweight, I had extreme heartburn and experienced nausea almost daily. Needless to say I needed some intervention.  I discovered Julie Mancuso through my employer. Julie created a personalized plan specific, not only for my desire to lose weight, but also to help with my other medical conditions.
I am happy to say that within 3 months I have lost 22 pounds (and counting), my heartburn is almost non existent and I no longer experience the daily nausea that I was plagued with.
I have lost 2 full dress sizes with minimal effort and have no problem eating like this the rest of my life. It was truly the easiest thing I have ever done to lose weight.

— Domenica Matrisciano “No Longer a Dieter”

“As a generally healthy eater, my eating habits didn’t need drastic changes. I went to see Julie at JM Nutrition looking to lean out and lose a few pounds. My eating needed minor adjustments, which Julie readily provided. Specifically, the portion sizes needed tweaking, as did the food combinations I was eating. This was a matter of making small adjustments. Julie immediately recognized and provided realistic alternatives.
Initially, I was worried about finding the time to commit to sessions of this nature. I often travel out of the country for work, so scheduling appointments would have been difficult, and so is trying to eat healthy when on the road. Julie accommodated me by conducting most of our sessions by phone, which saved me a lot of time.
Having access to Julie provided me with immediate feedback and allowed me to adjust, despite my busy schedule. She also pointed me in the right direction on how to eat more healthy when traveling for business. Julie is such a pro and easy to work with. She really took the time to understand my lifestyle and my personal/work situations . She also finds a lovely way to hold me accountable to help me reach my goals. I really love working with her and appreciate all the support she provides.”

—Anna Filipopoulos