JM Nutrition: Toronto Nutritionist | Workshops and Seminars
Toronto nutritionist, Julie Mancuso, offers workshops and seminars on a variety of nutrition topics including weight loss, digestion, fad diets and more.
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Workshops and Seminars

JM Nutrition offers interactive workshops and engaging seminars on a variety of nutrition topics


JM Nutrition’s Julie Mancuso offers engaging and interactive workshops for groups of all sizes that address a variety of nutrition topics: how to lose weight, hard to digest foods, portion and serving sizes, what to eat for optimum nutrition, how to make healthier alcohol selections and much more.

Upon completion, participants walk away with a plethora of information, practical tips and useful guidelines.


JM Nutrition’s Julie Mancuso appears at speaking engagements, presentations and seminars across the Greater Toronto Area–all of which can be geared to the specific needs and goals of each employer.

Seminars tackle the latest nutrition news and fads including intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet,  plant-based eating, gut health, weight loss and more.

Corporate Counseling

Corporate nutrition and wellness are proven to result in:

  • increased productivity and profit
  • improved employee engagement
  • reduced stress
  • heightened focus
  • enhanced motivation
  • prevention of illness and fewer sick days
  • higher job satisfaction
  • sustained employee-employer loyalty

JM Nutrition’s Julie Mancuso works with companies large and small who know that wellness means better business.

Julie and her team can bring these services to your office location where employees can visit her for individual counseling and/or attend group sessions.

All programs are designed to meet the specific needs of your company’s employees. They are realistic, practical, accessible, geared towards your budget and designed to co-exist with the current employee support programs.

JM Nutrition is also partnered with Venngo, Canada’s leading supplier of corporate discounts, to offer members special pricing.