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Nutrition Workshops, Seminars, Webinars, Lunch & Learn Events

Customized Nutrition Presentations For Companies Large & Small 

JM Nutrition in-person & virtual presentations:

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Nutrition Workshops, Nutrition Seminars

What We Offer

JM Nutrition offers nutrition workshops, lunch and learn events and speaking engagements on a variety of topics.

In addition, we offer a wide range of workplace wellness programs for companies of all sizes, conducted by registered nutritionists, registered dietitians, sports nutritionists and more.

Companies We Worked With

Over the years, the JM Nutrition team has worked with many companies across Canada and beyond, such as CGI, TravelBrands (Sunquest), COSTCO, Dentsply Sirona, Moneris, Rycom, Toronto Community Housing, Bridgeable, Timbercreek Asset Management, Running Room and many other companies.

In-Person Nutrition Presentations

For in-person presentations, we service the Greater Toronto Area: Toronto, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and Durham Region.

Virtual Nutrition Presentations

Virtual Nutrition Presentations: A Variety of Flexible, Customized Formats

JM Nutrition now offers a variety of virtual nutrition workshops, lunch and learn events, webinars and wellness presentations with one or more of our practitioners.

Virtual Nutrition Presentations: Platforms

For your convenience, we use various virtual platforms for our virtual nutrition presentations, the most popular of which is Zoom.

Virtual Nutrition Presentations: What Are They Like?

For maximum engagement our presentations are supported by striking visuals, engrossing videos, interesting facts, a worthwhile question & answer period for the audience, and of course, delivered by our wonderful, charismatic speakers.

Virtual Nutrition Presentations: We Customize

If your company needs a nutrition month presentation or something more regular, get in touch with us today and we can customize a presentation to your needs.

Virtual nutrition workshop
Members of our team conducting a presentation
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Nutrition Workshops, Lunch and Learn Events

JM Nutrition’s Julie Mancuso and her team of nutritionists and dietitians offer engaging, interactive nutrition workshops and lunch & learn sessions for groups of all sizes.


The speaking engagements address a variety of nutrition topics:

  • Fad diets & trends: What are they? Do they work? Benefits vs. drawbacks
  • Weight gain & weight loss: why we gain weight, obstacles to losing weight, practical weight loss tips
  • Correct food portions, proportions and serving sizes
  • Tips to help fuel your body for long days at work: practical tips, snacks, how to avoid energy dips and slumps, etc.
  • Practical ways to eat healthily and maintain weight during travel (business or personal). How to make healthier food selections on the road, at airports, etc?
  • Making healthier food choices while on-the-go, when looking to buy take-out food, Uber Eats or meals at restaurants
  • Simple, practical ways to reduce carbs
  • Cravings, emotional food triggers and stress eating
  • Women’s health issues: PCOS, hormonal balancing, pre-natal and post-natal nutrition, menopause, etc.
  • How to make healthier alcohol selections: Which wine is better for weight loss? What alcoholic beverages should I drink to avoid sabotaging my weight loss goals?
  • Sports nutrition for maximized athletic performance: What to eat? When to eat? Hydration, supplements, pre- and post-workout nutrition, etc.
  • Diet vs. exercise: What’s more important?
  • & much more

The nutrition workshops can zero in on one topic or a combination of a few. The choice is entirely yours.

Completely Customized

What’s more, we gear these nutrition and healthy eating presentations towards the specific needs of the given company with respect to duration, frequency and format.

Upon completion, participants walk away with a plethora of information, practical tips and useful guidelines.

Furthermore, JM Nutrition staff can conduct all nutrition workshops and lunch and learn events virtually.

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Nutrition Seminars, Webinars & Other Speaking Engagements

JM Nutrition’s Julie Mancuso and her team appear at speaking engagements as motivational speakers or nutrition speakers, various nutrition and wellness presentations and seminars across the Greater Toronto Area.

Additionally, all nutrition seminars, webinars and presentations can be customized. In other words, we gear the content to the specific nutrition, health and wellness goals of each employer.

Typically, seminars and webinars tackle the latest nutrition news and fads including intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet, plant-based eating, gut health, weight loss and much more.

You select the topic(s) of interest to your employees and we customize the presentation according to your needs.

All nutrition seminars, webinars and presentations can be conducted virtually using different video conferencing platforms.

See Julie Mancuso in action on Global News

workplace wellness, corporate wellness programs

Workplace Wellness, Corporate Wellness Programs

Nutrition, health and workplace wellness programs are proven to result in:

  • increased productivity and profit
  • improved employee engagement
  • reduced stress
  • heightened focus
  • enhanced motivation
  • prevention of illness and fewer sick days
  • higher job satisfaction
  • sustained employee-employer loyalty
  • improved well-being in the workplace

JM Nutrition’s Julie Mancuso and her team work with companies large and small who know that wellness means better business.

We Bring Our Services To You

For this reason, Julie and her team can bring these workplace wellness services to your site. This way the employees can easily access JM Nutrition practitioners for personalized, individual nutritional counselling.

Alternatively, the employees can choose to attend small- or large-group onsite wellness sessions conducted by JM Nutrition practitioners.

What’s more, all workplace wellness programs are personalized and designed to meet the specific needs of your company’s employees.

All programs are realistic, practical, accessible and geared towards your budget. They are also designed to co-exist with the current employee support programs.

For the convenience of companies and their employees, and to help facilitate workplace wellness, engaging and interactive nutrition workshops can also be brought onsite by JM Nutrition’s staff.

Covered By Insurance

Moreover, our registered nutritionists and registered dietitians are covered by many insurance plans, bringing additional value. This allows the employees to take advantage of JM Nutrition services using their extended health benefits. Similarly, health spending accounts can be applied to our services as well.

Special Corporate Pricing

Please note: JM Nutrition is also partnered with Venngo, Canada’s leading supplier of corporate discounts, to offer members special pricing on select packages. As such, your employees may qualify for additional savings.

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