Julie Mancuso is a graduate of University of Toronto and a registered holistic nutritionist trained by the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Julie has worked as a Toronto nutritionist for over 15 years.


Julie knows what you’re going through–she’s been there!

Julie Mancuso wasn’t always a nutritionist and a health advocate. There was a time when she didn’t eat so well. She indulged in convenient, unhealthy food far too often, unable to resist the many temptations before her.

As the years piled up, health problems did, too. Poor digestion was the first to mark its presence. Doctor visits followed and soon became the norm. Still, Julie found no answers that explained why she felt the way she felt. Much like many of her clients, Julie was overwhelmed and exasperated. Things finally reached a breaking point, demanding immediate change.


Time for change

Change isn’t easy though, especially when radical. It can be frightening. It can be paralyzing. And it can certainly leave a person unsure of everything.

Fortunately, Julie managed to overcome this obstacle and embarked on a mission to change her lifestyle.

The first order of business was an overhaul of her eating habits. Like most people, she resorted to dieting, trying many of the popular diets. But these were too restrictive and nutritionally deficient, and only made things worse. Julie concluded that there is no such thing as a one-size-diet that fits all.

She then began extensive research and experimentation, mostly on her own, learning how to properly nourish the body.

By changing her eating habits, eating simple, unprocessed and healthy food, and seeking help and guidance from other health practitioners, Julie started to feel better. This didn’t happen overnight by any means. Health is invariably a work in progress for Julie. But the positive changes made a significant difference in how she felt.


Nutrition as a career

Having realized that healthy eating does, in fact, lead to fewer health problems, Julie decided to enter the field of nutrition to help others make changes that she made.

On account of her first-hand experience, Julie Mancuso is a nutritionist who understands many of her customers’ fears and doubts because she once felt them. She is in prime position to help others because she knows what it takes to make drastic nutrition and lifestyle changes.

With her thoughtful counseling and unwavering support, you, too, can make these important changes and achieve better nutrition, health and wellness.

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More about Julie Mancuso:

Her customers include people from all walks of life:

  • men,
  • women,
  • professionals,
  • housewives,
  • new and expectant mothers,
  • athletes,
  • children,
  • whole families,
  • couples
  • as well as those who suffer from various health ailments.

Several corporations (e.g., Marriott, Rycom, Town Shoes) have implemented Julie’s programs–company-wide, to promote employee health and wellness.






Julie has been featured in Vitality Magazine, Viva Magazine, Healthy Directions, Canadian Living, Elle Magazine, The Daily Meal, The Kitchn, HealthiNation, as well as several health blogs. She has been a featured expert on CHUM FM and the Zoomer on Vision TV (Watch).