Nutrition Blog: JM Nutrition | Toronto Nutritionist
Leading Toronto nutritionist and weight loss expert Julie Mancuso provides practical tips and valuable advice in her nutrition blog. Learn more.
nutrition blog
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Why read Julie’s Nutrition Blog?

Let Julie, a registered Toronto nutritionist and writer, give the most current expert nutrition advice and valuable tips, debunking various nutrition myths. Julie has contributed articles and blog posts to various publications including Vitality Magazine, Viva Magazine–Canada’s leading women’s wellness living magazine, Healthy Directions, Toronto Star, Canadian Living, The Daily Meal, The Kitchn, HealthiNation, Eat This, Not That and others. She has appeared on television, lending her expertise in panel discussions on nutrition. See In The Press.

Her nutrition blog provides valuable weight loss tips, healthy food suggestions and a plethora of advice on how to tweak your diet, improve nutrition and reach your health and wellness goals. Don’t forget to subscribe to JM Nutrition Latest, a form of newsletter, and receive new blog posts and more by email.